Sports logos – history, meaning and evolution of emblems

Everyone knows the logos of famous sports clubs. It is embroidered on clothes, printed on souvenirs and even painted on walls. A sports logo is not just a corporate style; it is an ensign under which athletes are tearing to records. Due to emblem fans recognize each other and of course their favorite team.

The Logo Identifies the Team

The logo is not just a picture which appears next to the team name in the tournament tables. It is not only for appealing souvenir products. This is an important element that forms the character of the team in the eyes of players, club members, and fans. Regardless the type of a team (football, hockey or baseball), a logo is an important element in modern sports.

Like the national flag, a high-quality emblem evokes strong emotions and associations. It gives people a sense of belonging, strengthens team spirit and cultivates an atmosphere of mutual support. As you see, such a small icon has several significant features.

The sports logo should perform at least double work: to be the emblem of the organization, and also to attract and trigger the interest of the fans. When creating such logo, designers use elements that symbolize the desire for victory, strength, capabilities of the human body, and add sports attributes: balls, hockey sticks, springboards, skis, skates and so on. The meaning and presence of some elements of a logo are no less important than its color and shape.

An emblem creates not only the mood within the team but also affects the fans’ perceiving the team. Teams with a rich history which are well-known for its prominent sports achievements also have a very interesting history of a logo development. By the way, some emblems reached 10-15 variations through the club’s 100-year history. Following modern graphics and design novelties, clubs attempt not to lag behind world’s trends in the development of logos. They try to provide their fans with contemporary and attractive posters. A well thought-out and meaningful logo guarantees that the fan will remain faithful to his favorite sports team.