Arsenal Logo

Arsenal logo

A modern red color on the Arsenal logo and form appeared due to the club Nottingham Forest. Fred Beardsley, Bill Parr, and Charlie Bates are the three football players, who moved from the last club to the Dial Square, the former Arsenal name, taking red shirts with them. There was no money even for new equipment, so they were forced to leave the above-mentioned T-shirts, and bought the same ones to other players. In addition, they gave white shorts and blue and white golf.

Arsenal logo history

The club was founded in the London area of Woolwich in 1886, where the Royal Arsenal, the Royal Artillery Regiment, and many military hospitals were located. For two years, the Arsenal played without a logo, and then they took the coat of arms of Woolwich, where guns were depicted. When the club moved to Highbury in 1913, the guns were left as a brand on the logo. At first, the barrel depicted on the Arsenal logo was directed on the east and then it was turned west. Today the gunpoint is directed to the east again. Why? No one knows.

The image of this weapon remained the main symbol of the club in the following 17 seasons when the “western gun” was slightly changed and took shape in a new emblem with the Latin expression “Victoria Concordia Crescit”. The image has been existing in this form since 1949 to the present day.

Arsenal FC logo

Dial Square was the first name of the club due to the eponymous park, located nearby. Then it was called Royal Arsenal, and when moving to the fashionable Highbury executives decided to leave only the Arsenal as a tribute to the area where the club appeared.

The coat of arms of Victoria Concordia Crescit was the official image of the club from the first match of the 1949-50 season when the public saw it on the pre-match program.

Two years later, the club’s management decided to implement the legendary Latin phrase, that became the official motto of the Arsenal in the season of 1949/50. The new Arsenal logo also included the inscription “Arsenal” in the Gothic style, turned to the west, and the coat of arms of the London area of Islington.

Arsenal Emblem

Over the next 53 years, the first coat of arms of the Victoria Concordia Crescit remained unchanged, having undergone several cosmetic repairs. In the beginning, more colors were added to the logo, and the decorative motif of the Victoria Concordia Crescit motto was replaced with a more modern one. In addition, after a while, various colors of gold were added to the coat of arms, too.

Thus, for more than half a century, the football club Arsenal almost has not changed its traditions according to the official emblem respect, but in 2002 the leadership decided on a real revolution of the main symbolism. The decision to almost completely modernize the Arsenal logo was made for two reasons. Firstly, the coat of arms of Victoria Concordia Crescit includes several elements, in the origin of which there are some disagreements, due to which the club management cannot be fully responsible for copyright. Secondly, the promotion of the club in the future has always been a fundamental idea of leadership, and due to the construction of a new stadium and the change of millennia, it was decided to create a new Arsenal logo.

Arsenal London logo

The team’s T-shirts samples of the season 2011/12 were released with a new coat of arms in honor of the club’s 125th anniversary. The new Arsenal logo was a combination of the modern and the very first version of 1888. 15 oak leaves symbolize 15 founders who first met at the Royal Oak Pub. Another 15 leaves of the laurel were depicted on sixpenny coins, which the 15 founders put in the general treasury in 1886. Forward is the motto, connected with armament and battles. This military draft was previously used in the army.

Arsenal logo colors

Hex Color: #EF0107
RGB: (239, 1, 7)
CMYK: (0, 100, 100, 0)
Hex Color: #023474
RGB: (2, 52, 116)
CMYK: (100, 89, 27, 13)
Hex Color: #9C824A
RGB: (156, 130, 74)
CMYK: (37, 43, 81, 11)