Atletico Madrid Logo

atletico madrid logo

The history of Atletico began due to three Basque students studying in Madrid – Cortazar, Astoria, and Abdon, who were sitting in the cafe La Maison Dore on Alcalá Street, Spanish capital at the beginning of 1903. They gathered to create a football club, which was supposed to be a kind of affiliate for the Athletics, created several years earlier.

April 26, 1903, the “Athletic Club de Madrid” was proclaimed the independent club. The first logo of Madrid “Atletico” exactly repeated the logo of the club from Bilbao.

Atletico Madrid logo history

In 1917, the Madrid club finally acquired its own logo. The coat of arms of the city of Madrid with a bear stretching to a strawberry tree was the basis of the new Atletico emblem. Until 1939, it was not changed at all.

Atletico Madrid symbol

Besides the bear, the club emblem had seven stars as the symbol of the seven border provinces of Madrid. Red and white stripes symbolize the shape of the club. As know, the owners of the Madrid club decided to save on T-shirts and bought the cheapest material in a red and white strip, from which the mattresses were made that time. Therefore, the team was nicknamed “The Mattress”.

The Atletico logo was changed for many times.  The composition remained the same, and only the form of the logo was redesigned.

Atletico Madrid emblem

The modern Atletico emblem looks the next way:

Strawberry tree, to which the bear stretches, has lost its green color, and its crown gets over the upper contour. There are no sharp corners anymore, so the emblem is round. Also, designers have decided to get rid of all colors, except red, white and dark blue. Red strips have been depicted in a bold font, and four white stripes have been changed to three. And the most important change in the logo of Atletico: the bear was looking to the left before, and now he has turned in the opposite direction. Will he look at the future victories of Atletico in the Champions League?

Atletico Madrid logo colors

Navy Blue
Hex Color: #272e61;
RGB: (39,46,97)
CMYK: (98,92,33,23)
Hex Color: #ffffff;
RGB: (255,255,255)
CMYK: (0,0,0,0)
Hex Color: #CB3524;
RGB: (203,53,36)
CMYK: (14,93,100,4)