About the Author

Author Randolf PopeHello everyone! My name is Randolf Pope. I was born and I live in the USA.

I spent my childhood at the stadium: at first, I used to go watching other people playing and then I joined the high school team myself. Over the years, my love for competitions only grew stronger. Like all teenagers, I used to dream about the athletic scholarship and career, which would open all doors to the best universities, so I used to train hard. I never got it, however, vast experience and commitment to the ideals came in useful to me later.

I graduated in my hometown and started working as a sports writer for a local print media. As before, a big part of my life is hazardous championships, clamorous bleachers, triumphal games and team competitions. When I’m not busy with reviews and interviews, I’m keen on sport albeit this hobby is amateurish J

Why I created this site?

“All our life is a sport. Sport is a brand. A brand is a logo. Recognizable, popular and with an interesting history. The logo is like life, there is a beginning and there is an end.”

My second hobby is the logos of the world’s sports teams. As this isn’t just pretty pictures in the standings. This is a part of a unique brand and tales of the past. But the description of the logos, their hidden meaning and history are out of public view: there’s relatively little information about this on the Internet, and even if it’s there, it’s very difficult to find.

Data, which are publicly available, are scanty and unstructured. I decided to correct a horrible mistake and created a site, where you can find out interesting facts about the logos of various sports clubs. There are really original and unusual ones among them. For instance, red pirate flag with the skull, Jolly Roger (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), a mystical mustang from Indian legends (Denver Broncos) or an elf, looking like a cartoon character of Disney (Cleveland Browns).