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Baltimore Orioles Logo

Baltimore Orioles logo

The Milwaukee Brewers baseball team was founded in 1894 in Maryland to compete in the Western League.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the team was relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, where they played for fifty-two years as the St. Louis Browns. The Great Depression in the United States and the St. Louis Cardinals’ dominance in town baseball dealt a severe blow to the attendance of the team’s host games. Despite the beginning of the Second World War, in 1941, the owner of the club, Donald Barnes, attempted to move the team to Los Angeles, but his plan was disrupted by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Major League Baseball officials rejected Barnes’ proposal. They expressed concern that the US authorities might restrict the movements of a prospective team.

Baltimore Orioles emblem

In the after-war era, in 1951 the club was purchased by Bill Veeck. In order to attract more viewers, he extended a wide array of promotions and antics. For example, at the very first game, he came up with the idea of serving free drinks, namely beer and soda. Veeck made an effort to move the club to Los Angeles once more, but the move was blocked again.

In 1952, the Cardinals’ owner was convicted of tax evasion, which ultimately led to selling the team to August Bush Jr., the owner of the brewing company. Because of the competition, the St. Louis Browns’ owner was also forced to sell the team to Baltimore brewer Jerold Hoffberger and Clarence Miles, who were trying to bring the Major League team back to their home town, Baltimore.

Upon their transfer to Baltimore, the St. Louis Browns were immediately renamed the Baltimore Orioles. Although their first season happened to be rather unsuccessful, the number of spectators per season exceeded 1,000,000 people.

Baltimore Orioles symbol

The team was named after the Baltimore oriole, the state bird of Maryland. So, it has been the basic element and symbol on the team logo since 1954. The orange letter “B” was adopted as the logo in 1963, but it was the only “bird-less” season in team’s history. The Baltimore Orioles logo did not change for 23 seasons, but in 1966 the first cartoon bird appeared on the Orioles’ caps. In 1989, the team removed it in favor of a realistic-looking bird. Meanwhile, the Oriole Bird is a team mascot from 1979 to the present day. In 2012, the club introduced a modernized variant of the cartoon bird. In 1993, the franchise was sold to Baltimore-based businessman Peter Angelos for a record $173 million, the most ever paid for any sports team.

Baltimore Orioles logo history

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  • 1901
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  • 1902-1905
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  • 1906-1907
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  • 1908-1910
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  • 1916-1935
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  • 1936-1951
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  • 1952-1953
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  • 1954-1965
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  • 1966-1988
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  • 1989-1991
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  • 1992-1994
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  • 1995-1997
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  • 1998
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  • 1999-2008
    36% 25 / 69
  • 2009-2018
    10% 7 / 69
  • 2019-present
    18% 13 / 69

The Baltimore Orioles is a professional baseball team named in honor of the Baltimore oriole, the official state bird of Maryland. During 120-year history, the team had several names and 17 logos. The 1936 logo was the first without the letters or the name of the team as the basic one. Some logos were similar to the previous ones. After moving to Baltimore, the team logo underwent eight changes.


Milwaukee Brewers 1901

At the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of teams used the wordmark of their state or home city as the logo. Hence, the first Milwaukee Brewers’ logo was just the blue-written name of the city.

1902 – 1905

St. Louis Browns (1902-1905)

In 1902, the team was still called the St. Louis Browns, so its logo was a brown city acronym “St. L”.

1906 – 1907

St. Louis Browns (1906-1907)

The 1906-1907 season uniform was adorned with an extremely curious logo. There were intertwined letters “STL” inside the baseball diamond. The basic color remained the same.

1908 – 1910

St. Louis Browns (1908-1910)

In 1908, the club logo changed the STL acronym to a brown fleur-de-lis or a heraldic lily.

1911 – 1915

St. Louis Browns (1911-1915)

The fifth logo was a combination of the interlaced letters “STL” in the brown color.

1916 – 1935

St. Louis Browns (1916-1935)

In 1916, the team changed the logo again by dropping the letter “T” to have “SL” instead, still in brown. The letters was blurred as if they were executed in watercolors. The St. Louis Browns used this logo until 1935. It marked the end of exploiting letters and city name in their logo.

1936 – 1951

St. Louis Browns (1936-1951)

The logo color scheme was changed to white, black and orange. It represented the statue of St. Louis (namesake of the city) on horseback, holding a sword. The statue was mounted atop a shield with eight brown stars at the top and strips of orange and brown. A white baseball with the word “BROWNS” was in the center of the shield.

1952 – 1953

St. Louis Browns (1952-1953)

The logo was entirely changed 15 years later to the elf’s cartoonish head in orange.

1954 – 1965

Baltimore Orioles (1954-1965)

Upon relocating to Baltimore, the team changed its name to Baltimore Orioles, which meant adopting a new logo. For the Orioles’ first nine seasons, it was a smiling cartoonish oriole colored black, orange and white, climbed on a white baseball. Behind the baseball were two bats crisscrossing while the word “ORIOLES” was in the center of the baseball.

1966 – 1988

Baltimore Orioles (1966-1988)

In 1966, the team owners brought in some assistance to create a marketable bird character for the club. The tenth, anniversary logo was designed by Stan Walsh, who was behind creating the most mind-boggling logos for Hamm’s Bear, Snap, Crackle, and Pop. He changed the orange color to red. Inside the red circle whose wordmark was “Baltimore Orioles” was the red oriole, wearing black cap and cleats and swinging the red bat.

1989 – 1991

Baltimore Orioles (1989-1991)

Next Baltimore Orioles logo was a little different from the previous one. In 1989, the team just changed the colors to brighter shades of black and orange.

1992 – 1994

Baltimore Orioles (1992-1994)

In 1992, the team removed the circle and had the lifelike orange oriole with black wings, perching on the letter “i” in the word “Orioles” Inside the orange tail of the script was the wordmark “Baltimore” written in white.

1995 – 1997

Baltimore Orioles (1995-1997)

The team introduced a new logo. The bird was still standing on the letter “i” of the scripted “Orioles”, but facing right. The orange script was set in a background comprising yellow and green baseball diamond.


Baltimore Orioles (1998)

Very subtle changes were made to the logo for the 1988 season. The only difference was the design of the bird whose drawing much resembled real orange-and-black oriole.

1999 – 2008

Baltimore Orioles (1999-2008)

The fifteenth Baltimore Orioles emblem remained the same with the only change being a color enhancement and more defined details of oriole’s image.

2009 – 2018

Baltimore Orioles (2009-2018)

The latest Baltimore Orioles logo was altered by removing the baseball diamond background in 2009. The red color was changed to orange. The black, white and orange oriole has remained, but it was not as bright as in the previous logo.

2019 – present

Baltimore Orioles (2019-Present)

In 2019, the team has moved from having the entire oriole in the emblem to just a smiling cartoonish head of the bird, which was the alternate cap logo for many decades. The main outline was made in black, with the addition of red. The bird is wearing a baseball cap with the team’s alternate logo “O” which, of course, stands for Orioles.

Baltimore Orioles logo evolution

Baltimore Orioles Color

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