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Barcelona Logo

Barcelona logo

Barcelona football club, also known as Barça, was founded by Swedish businessman Hans Gamper. On October 22, 1899, he sent a note to a local newspaper in order to invite everyone to participate in the creation of a football club. 11 people responded and, one month later, on November 29, 1899, they formed a team named FC Ball (Foot Ball Club Barcelona).

From the first day of the team’s foundation the club’s uniform had a blue-pomegranate coloring: one half of the shirt was blue and the other one was pomegranate, the panties were painted white.

The famous Barcelona emblem appeared in 1910. It has remained to this day with minor changes. In the beginning, the coat of arms of Barcelona was taken as a logo basis to emphasize the club’s affiliation to the city. But later the team decided to create its own coat of arms.

Barcelona logo history

The best logo in the history of the Barcelona?
  • 1899-1910
    7% 13 / 183
  • 1910-1920
    1% 2 / 183
  • 1920-1936
    1% 2 / 183
  • 1936-1941
    2% 5 / 183
  • 1941-1949
    0% 1 / 183
  • 1949-1960
    0% 0 / 183
  • 1960-1974
    1% 3 / 183
  • 1974-1975
    1% 2 / 183
  • 1975-2002
    4% 9 / 183
  • 2002-present
    79% 146 / 183

The first 11 years of the club existence, coat of arms of Barcelona was used as an emblem, but in 1910, the founder of Barca decided: it’s time to get own team symbolism. The competition for the best emblem was won by a team player and medical student Carles Kampala.

The Barcelona logo has a sign of Saint George’s Cross, the patron saint of Catalonia. In 2010, before signing an advertising contract with Qatar Foundation ($ 150 million), the club management changed it for Muslim fans. Thus, the horizontal band was removed.

Barcelona symbol

The ball of the early twentieth century, depicted on the Barcelona sign, remains its original form. For the 105-year history, the logo has been slightly changed for 12 times.

There are three legends about the company’s blue-garnet color. Its founder Hans Gamper couldn’t choose the color of the team clothes.  He doubted between the native Swiss canton Ticino and his first club Excelsior. It is also said that at a constituent assembly in 1899, one of the participants had a popular at that time two-sided blue-garnet pencil.

Red and yellow stripes have the colors of Catalonia. At the time of the Spanish dictator Franco (1939-1975), four bands were corrected to two because the Spanish flag has the same colors, but it has fewer bands. At the end of the 40’s, political repression weakened, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of the club, the band was returned.

Barcelona emblem

During the reign of Franco, names were hispanicisationed, so the English abbreviation F.S. (Futbol Club Berceleta) was replaced by C. de F.V. (Club de Futbol Barselopa). In 1974, when the dictator was at death’s door, the original inscription was returned.

In 2002, the Barcelona logo acquired a modern look. Designers removed the points and changed the font in the FСВ. Also, they made a tip from a trident, and the shape of the boiler became smooth.

1899 – 1910

Barcelona (1899-1910)

1910 – 1920

Barcelona (1910-1920)

1920 – 1936

Barcelona (1920-1936)

1936 – 1941

Barcelona (1936-1941)

1941 – 1949

Barcelona (1941-1949)

1949 – 1960

Barcelona (1949-1960)

1960 – 1974

Barcelona (1960-1974)

1974 – 1975

Barcelona (1974-1975)

1975 – 2002

Barcelona (1975-2002)

2002 – present

Barcelona (2002-present)

Barcelona logo evolution

Barcelona logo colors

CMYK: (15,26,100,0)
HEX COLOR: #004A99;
CMYK: (100,81,7,0)
HEX COLOR: #A40344;
CMYK: (26,100,61,16)
CMYK: (7,100,93,1)
CMYK: (2,9,100,0)
HEX COLOR: #000000;
CMYK: (75,68,67,90)