Brooklyn Nets Logo

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Brooklyn Nets Logo

In September 2011, in connection with moving to a new arena in Brooklyn, it was announced that at the end of the 2011/12 season, New Jersey Nets will be renamed to Brooklyn Nets. The team changed the emblem, as well as the basic colors, which became white and black. It is known that one of the owners of “Brooklyn” is rapper Sean Carter, better known as Jay-Z. It’s also no secret that he personally participated in creating a new Brooklyn Nets logo.

New Jersey Nets Logo

Jay-Z admitted that the old symbols of the New York Metro inspired him to create a similar logo. He used a black and white color scheme of the old system of the New York metro signposts, paying tribute to the city heritage. The graphic elements for the Brooklyn Nets logo were taken from the pointers system that existed until 1957 when Brooklyn had own professional team for the last time.

Brooklyn Nets logo history

The new Nets logo combines two unrelated cultures – hipster and gangsta rap. According to the subculture, you are supposed to be “into the subject”. A kind of hip-hop is associated with black color, the owner who raps, Brooklyn city and its unique life.

Brooklyn Nets Emblem

Despite the significant changes in the Nets style, there is one thing that migrated from the past – a shield on the emblem. However, unlike the last version of the New Jersey logo, the Brooklyn shield is depicted on a flatness, but not in a three-dimensional image, as it was popular to do in the 90s. When creating a new logo, designers abandoned the blue, red and silver colors that were used earlier. At the moment, no one NBA club operates with black and white monochrome, and this is Brooklyn Nets’ uniqueness and difference from others.

Brooklyn Nets Symbol

Brooklyn Nets has two main logos. One is the outline of a shield symbolically identifying the team with the strength and a special character of the Brooklyn area. Also, it recalls the shield on the previous Nets logo.

The second logo shows a ball with the Latin letter “B” inside and the inscription “Brooklyn New York” around the ball.