Brooklyn Nets Logo

Brooklyn Nets Logo

Brooklyn Nets are an American professional basketball team based in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. In 1976, The Nets started to compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The team was founded in 1967.

The club was established in 1967 as a charter franchise of the NBA’s rival league, the American Basketball Association (ABA). They played in New Jersey as the New Jersey Americans during their first season, before moving to Long Island in 1968 and changing their name to the New York Nets. They used this name until 1977. Then they returned to New Jersey and played as the New Jersey Nets from 1977 to 2012. In 2012, the team moved to Brooklyn and was renamed the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn Nets emblem

The name «Nets» was chosen because it rhymes with «Mets» and «Jets» – the other two New York teams. The first one is from Major League Baseball, and the second one is from the American Football League. Besides, the word «nets» directly refers to basketball.

The first franchise owner was Arthur Brown. After debut season, he sold it to Roy Boe, who was the club owner for almost 10 years, until he made a deal with Secaucus Seven in 1978. The new owner conducted a rebranding and chose another logo. In 10 years, the team moved to Raymond Chambers and Lewis Katz, and then it moved to Yankee Nets in 1999.

Brooklyn Nets symbol

The next owner was Bruce Ratner. On September 23, 2009, Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov reached a deal with Ratner to purchase an 80% stake of the Nets for $200 million, subject to Ratner acquiring financing for the arena project.

Brooklyn Nets logo history

In September 2011, in connection with moving to a new arena in Brooklyn, it was announced that at the end of the 2011/12 season, New Jersey Nets will be renamed to Brooklyn Nets. The team changed the emblem, as well as the basic colors, which became white and black. It is known that one of the owners of “Brooklyn” is rapper Sean Carter, better known as Jay-Z. It’s also no secret that he personally participated in creating a new Brooklyn Nets logo.

Jay-Z admitted that the old symbols of the New York Metro inspired him to create a similar logo. He used a black and white color scheme of the old system of the New York metro signposts, paying tribute to the city heritage. The graphic elements for the Brooklyn Nets logo were taken from the pointers system that existed until 1957 when Brooklyn had own professional team for the last time.


New Jersey Americans emblem1968

The New Jersey Americans logo of this period is designed as a blue shield with white and red stripes of the American flag at the bottom. There is a basketball in the center and three stars on either side of it. Wordmark «N. J. AMERICAN» in white is on top of them.

1968 – 1972

New York Nets emblem 1968-1972

After moving to Long Island, N.Y., the team first became known as the «New York Nets.» Dropping the shield, but keeping the colors, – red, blue and white – after the redesign, the logo is known to feature a wordmark «nets» against a block-lettered red «NY» backdrop, and featuring a generic player alongside it in the color black.

1972 – 1977

New York Nets emblem 1972-1977

In 1972, the Nets opted to continue the previous logo with a red, white and blue basketball and they removed the sportsman. They did retain the previous main logo, blue wordmark «nets» against a red block «NY». The upper part of the basketball is red and the lower part is blue. These two colors on the logo are colors of the state flag of the USA.

1977 – 1978

New Jersey Nets emblem 1977-1978

This version dates from the time when the team renamed New Jersey Nets because of relocation to New Jersey. Designers redesigned the previous New York Nets logo, they kept the previous basketball scale and added the dark outline. They put «NEW JERSEY» in the top margin and «BASKETBALL» in the tail margin. The central element had another font and color. Wordmark «nets» is black, handcrafted, with a cut-down squiggle in the letter «s».

1978 – 1990

New Jersey Nets emblem 1978-1990

Logo of this period moved away from standard inscriptions, the size of the basketball and partially the color scheme changed (the shades became lighter). New Jersey Nets logo lost a sense reference to the sport: designers added a map of a state of New Jersey in white and the wordmark «New Jersey» to the left. Word «Nets» is bigger and lower.

1990 – 1997

New Jersey Nets emblem 1990-1997

The New Jersey Nets logo features a gradient blend of primary colors: first comes blue, then white, then – red and white and in the end, it’s blue again. «NETS» is in capital letters on the cut off basketball. The basketball is divided into fragments with white stripes with a black outline. The wordmark also has a dark outline. The front fragment of the letter «N» is oblong.

1997 – 2012

New Jersey Nets emblem 1997-2012

Brooklyn Nets brought back the shield concept from its first logo. The logo features stylized inscription «NETS» and grey basketball with white and blue stripes. The central element was moved inside the circle, which consists of three fine lines of different colors – white, red and blue. This is a symbol of a basketball hoop and a reference to the separate basketball planet with its own orbit. The shield is blue with a dark grey outline and slightly turned to the left. The color scheme in the version of the Brooklyn Nets logo became deeper.


Brooklyn Nets emblem 2012-present

The new Nets logo combines two unrelated cultures – hipster and gangsta rap. According to the subculture, you are supposed to be “into the subject”. A kind of hip-hop is associated with black color, the owner who raps, Brooklyn city and its unique life.

Despite the significant changes in the Nets style, there is one thing that migrated from the past – a shield on the emblem. However, unlike the last version of the New Jersey logo, the Brooklyn shield is depicted on a flatness, but not in a three-dimensional image, as it was popular to do in the 90s. When creating a new Brooklyn Nets emblem, designers abandoned the blue, red and silver colors that were used earlier. At the moment, no one NBA club operates with black and white monochrome, and this is Brooklyn Nets’ uniqueness and difference from others.

Brooklyn Nets has two main logos. One is the outline of a shield symbolically identifying the team with the strength and a special character of the Brooklyn area. Also, it recalls the shield on the previous Nets logo.

The second logo shows a ball with the Latin letter “B” inside and the inscription “Brooklyn New York” around the ball.

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