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Cal State Fullerton Titans Logo

Cal State Fullerton Titans Logo

Cal State Fullerton Titans is a group of male and female teams that defend the honor of California State University in intercollegiate competitions. They play in the NCAA Division I. For most sports; they compete in the BWC. Only gymnasts vie for participation in the WAC, while wrestlers compete in the Pac-12.

Cal State Fullerton Titans Emblem

University students voted the name “Titans.” At first, it was assumed that it would be associated with a character from ancient Greek mythology or with the Titan rocket. But then someone joked about the “inter-university elephant race,” which led to the choice of this animal as a talisman. So came Tuffy the Titan, which quickly became popular.

Meaning and History

The best logo in the history of the Cal State Fullerton Titans?
  • 1992-1999
    0% 0 / 2
  • 2000-2009
    50% 1 / 2
  • 2010-present
    50% 1 / 2

The logo of the sports department of California State University has changed several times. Titan Athletics copyrights all versions. From 1992 to 1999, the variant with the orange letter “F” inside the blue circle was used, over which the name Cal State Fullerton was written. In 2000, artists made the elephant’s head a signature symbol. They depicted an animal on the left side and the right place the word “Titans” (above) and the phrase “Cal State Fullerton” (below).

1992 – 1999

Cal State Fullerton Titans (1992-1999)

2000 – 2009

Cal State Fullerton Titans (2000-2009)

2010 – present

Cal State Fullerton Titans (2010-Present)

The emblem with the team mascot lasted until 2009. In 2010, designers returned the “F” badge, located in the center of the circle, with a gray ring-frame. The inscriptions were removed to focus on the letter. The logo is dominated by the official color palette of the sports department: Titan Orange (# FF7900), white (#FFFFFF), and Titan Blue (# 00274C). Interestingly, students once voted for completely different colors: royal blue and white.

Cal State Fullerton Titans logo evolution