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California Riverside Highlanders Logo

California Riverside Highlanders Logo

California Riverside Highlanders is a sports division owned by the University of California, Riverside. It consists of seventeen inter-university teams participating in the Big West Conference, and since 1998 competing in the NCAA Division I. The nickname Highlanders is related to the location of the campus: it is located at the very foot of Box Springs Mountain. Moreover, Box Springs Reserve is adjacent to the campus of the educational institution.

Meaning and History

The best logo in the history of the California Riverside Highlanders?
  • 1990-2002
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  • 2003-2011
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  • 2012-present
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One of the old team logos looks like a round black and white stamp with the inscription “University of California Riverside.” In the center, there is a walking bear in a plaid kilt – the main school mascot nicknamed Scotty Highlander. This icon was used until 2002. It was replaced by a new emblem, for the design of which designers used modern graphic techniques. Now the bear looks more aggressive. He shows teeth and sharp claws to scare rivals. Numerous shadows and outlines create a 3D effect.

1990 – 2002

California Riverside Highlanders (1990-2002)

2003 – 2011

California Riverside Highlanders (2003-2011)

2012 – present

California Riverside Highlanders (2012-Present)
In the lower half is the phrase “University of California Riverside Highlanders”, located in the form of an arch. The first and last letters in the word “Riverside” are very large. The nickname “Highlanders” is depicted on a separate white ribbon. In 2012, the inscription was significantly reduced, and the talisman disappeared. The bear’s place was taken by a monogram from the intertwined “U” and “C.” Only the yellow Riverside, curved upward in the form of an arc, remains at the bottom.

California Riverside Highlanders Emblem

California Riverside Highlanders logo evolution