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Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo

The Central Connecticut Blue Devils women’s and men’s teams are part of the sports department at Central Connecticut State University, the state’s oldest educational institution. The university appeared in 1849. It supports various sports, including volleyball, athletics, swimming, softball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, cross-country, basketball, diving. The players representing him take part in the Northeast Conference and compete in the NCAA at Division I. Their mascot was initially Victor E. Still, after changing the logo in 2011, he became known as Kizer. The creation of a new image was carried out by the North American company Street Characters.

Meaning and History

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  • 1994-2010
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  • 2011-present
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The 1994 emblem depicts an anthropomorphic devil with trident pitchforks, horns, and a sharp tail. This is a parody of a running athlete because he wears blue shorts, a T-shirt, and gym shoes. The graphic part is supplemented by the names of the department (“Blue Devils”) and the university (“Central Connecticut State University”), which are located slightly lower on a white background.

1994 – 2010

Central Connecticut Blue Devils (1994-2010)

2011 – present

Central Connecticut Blue Devils (2011-Present)

In 2011, a new era began in the life of university teams. After rebranding, they immediately appeared eleven unique logos, a new mascot, and an individual font. The main emblem was developed by the design firm Rickabaugh Graphics from Ohio. The appearance of the devil has changed: he looks more ominously, without the previous cartoonishness. His head is depicted in profile so that sharp horns and a beard are visible. The style of the inscription has also changed. Each Central Connecticut Blue Devils word has uppercase, italics, and small serifs. The predominant colors are white and blue (# 1A4784).

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Emblem


Central Connecticut Blue Devils logo evolution