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Chicago White Sox Logo

Chicago White Sox Logo

Chicago White Sox is a professional baseball team that is part of the MLB structure. The team is part of the Central Division AL and appeared in the 1890th year. The Chicago White Sox is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The founder of the club is Charles Comiskey. The legendary athlete and one of the founders of the American Baseball League was also an excellent manager, so he successfully managed the franchise until 1931. Soon she passed on to his heir, Louis Comiskey, and then to Grace Comiskey. The team belonged to them in turn until 1956.

Chicago White Sox emblem

After that, she immediately appeared two owners – Dorothy Comiskey Rigney and Chuck Comiskey. In 1958, Bill Veeck became the owner of the club. Then the team was bought by Arthur and John Allyn. Their management continued until 1975. In 1981, Jerry Reinsdorf acquired it from Aaron Cushman for $ 19 million. After the transaction, he signed a contract with Greg Luzinski and Carlton Fisk, which strengthened the composition.

The franchise’s original name is Chicago White Stockings. But the editors of the Chicago Tribune sports department began cutting it down to the Chicago White Sox after scorer Christoph Hynes wrote so in the results map. Officially, the club received a new name in 1903.

After joining MLB, the Chicago team changed the corporate logo design at least 20 times. These were different modifications – from several letter spellings to a graphic image of a white sock with a golden eagle. But all the changes confidently survived only one version.

Chicago White Sox symbol

The modern logo most closely resembles the emblem of 1932-1935. It looks like a downward and slightly sloping inscription “SOX.” Font Gotham Bold is made in medieval style. This creates an interesting game of contrasts because if you look closely, the object is drawn as if it says “SEX” on it. The play of meanings was brought by the diagonal arrangement and the Old English elements.

The basic colors of the brand name are a combination of black and white. The contours of the letters are circled in silver. Moreover, the “S” is made more curly, with a notch in the upper part and with an elongated “tail” in the lower.

Chicago White Sox logo history

The best logo in the history of the Chicago White Sox?
  • 1901-1902
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1903
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1904
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1905
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1906-1909
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1910-1911
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1912-1917
    7% 1 / 13
  • 1918-1931
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1932-1935
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1936-1938
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1939-1948
    7% 1 / 13
  • 1949-1959
    15% 2 / 13
  • 1960-1975
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1976-1990
    0% 0 / 13
  • 1991-present
    69% 9 / 13

The “Chicago White Sox” is one of the few teams that has changed its name only once in the history, but has already changed 19 logos. The last logo is the main one since 1991.

1901 – 1902

Chicago White Stockings (1901-1902)

The first logo of the “White Stockings” was a red printed letter “S.”


Chicago White Stockings (1903)

The final logo of the club “White Stockings” was a blue letter “S” that resembled two inverted stockings.


Chicago White Sox (1904)

The team changes its name to the “Chicago White Sox.” The logo itself is again an old English letter “S” in blue. The accent is added to the middle of the letter “S,” and the form itself has become more elongated.


Chicago White Sox (1905)

The logo changes again in a year, but these changes are insignificant. A white rhombus is added in the middle of the letter to emphasize the midpoint of the letter and its shape.

1906 – 1907

Chicago White Sox (1906-1907)

The “White Sox” changes its logo to a more rounded “S” shape, again of dark blue color. The letter has a small hook at the top and a straight cut at the bottom.

1908 – 1909

Chicago White Sox (1908-1909)

This time two triangles are added to the previous picture in the middle of the letter.

1910 – 1911

Chicago White Sox (1910-1911)

The logo of the club “White Sox” of 1910 has even more rounded shape. The color remains the same, and only the hook at the top of the letter is added from the details.

1912 – 1916

Chicago White Sox (1912-1916)

In 1912 “White Sox” debuted as one of the most recognizable logo owners in the history of baseball playing. It is based on the capital letter “S,” with a small letter “O” in the upper part and a small letter “X” in the lower part, thus forming the name of the team – “Sox.” The logo’s color is completely dark blue.


Chicago White Sox (1917)

Minor adjustments were made to the previous logo of the club. Thus, the letter “S” became more elongated and thinner, and the letters “O” and “X” became more elongated in height.

1918 – 1931

Chicago White Sox (1918-1931)

In the background, there is an American flag, a golden eagle, and a golden circle with the inscription “Worlds Champion. White Sox”. Just below, there are two crossed golden baseball bats, a small white baseball, and in the middle, there is a white sock. Underneath the drawing, there is the inscription “Chicago,” made in blue.

1932 – 1935

Chicago White Sox (1932-1935)

For the base of the eleventh logo, it was taken the word “SOX” in red, placed diagonally from left to right. There is a white baseball inside of the letter “O,” and in the background, there is a drawing of a yellow baseball bat.

1936 – 1938

Chicago White Sox (1936-1938)

The logo creators return to the design of 1912. They just slightly changed the font of the letters, but their placement remained the same. Besides, the club is back to its original dark blue color.

1939 – 1948

Chicago White Sox (1939-1948)

In 1939 an animated version of the baseball player, wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “White Sox,” appears on the logo. There is a large red and white baseball ball in the background.

1949 – 1959

Chicago White Sox (1949-1959)

In the late ’50s, the “White Sox” changes the logo again. A white sock with the wings, flying through the air, through the wind and clouds, is on the logo. The inscription “Chicago” is made in the foreground in red color, additionally outlined by a thin blue contour.

1960 – 1975

Chicago White Sox (1960-1975)

The new club logo is a picture of a white sock on the red circle in the background. On top of the sock, a contour is drawn of a baseball player waving a baseball bat.

1976 – 1981

Chicago White Sox (1976-1981)

The sixteenth “White Sox” logo is based on the drawing of a baseball player who hits a red ball with a blue bat. At the bottom of the logo is placed the inscription “Chicago White Sox,” divided by red lines. The word “Sox” is placed a little bit above in blue.

1982 – 1986

Chicago White Sox (1982-1986)

1987 – 1990

Chicago White Sox (1987-1990)

The logo practically does not change ten years later. Among the slightest amendments is a change of the blue tone to more intensive dark.

1991 – present

Chicago White Sox (1991-Present)

The current “White Sox” logo is based on a sketch of 1932. The font resembles Old English, and the main colors are black, white, and silver. The inscription is made diagonally.

Chicago White Sox logo evolution

Chicago White Sox Colors

HEX COLOR: #27251F;
RGB: (39,37,31)
CMYK: (00,00,00,100)
RGB: (196,206,212)
CMYK: (5,00,00,20)