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Cincinnati Reds Logo

Cincinnati Reds logo

Cincinnati Reds is a professional baseball player team that appeared in 1882. The club competes in the MLB and is part of the NL Central Division. Until 1889, the team was a registered member of the American Association. Today the club is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Earlier in the city, there were already two clubs with the same name, but their career was a failure. The third franchise is made up of new players. An active supporter of the creation of the club was O. P. Caylor, the sports editor of Cincinnati Enquirer.

Cincinnati Reds emblem

The first owner of the team is Justus Thorner. He headed it before joining the National League. Then the team was led by John T. Brush for two years until, in 1902, he sold August Herrmann. The new owner, in turn, controlled the club until 1927 after it was followed by a series of owners who quickly succeeded each other: 1927-1929 – C. J. McDiarmid, 1929-1933 – Sidney Weil.

A little longer, Cincinnati Reds lingered in the hands of Powel Crosley Jr. – from 1933 to 1961. Then its owners were Bill DeWitt (1961-1967), Francis L. Dale (1967-1973), Louis Nippert (1973-1980), William and James Williams (1980-1984), Marge Schott (1984-1998). From here, the board passed to Carl Lindner, who in 2006 sold the team to Robert Castellini, the current owner.

Cincinnati Reds symbol

The name of the club Cincinnati Red Stockings went to him according to the tradition established in the city. After joining NL, the team received a truncated form of the name – Cincinnati Reds. In this form, the team lasted until 1953 – until it was renamed Cincinnati Redlegs. But three years later, the club returned the previous name.

Over more than 135 years of existence, the franchise has changed several variations of corporate identity. In total, the club had 18 logos, most of which are associated with “C” – the first letter in the name of the team. In 1913, a graphic symbol was developed, which has a little similarity with the modern logo.

Cincinnati Reds logo history

The best logo in the history of the Cincinnati Reds?
  • 1890-1899
    10% 3 / 30
  • 1900
    3% 1 / 30
  • 1901-1904
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1905
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1906-1907
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1908-1911
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1912
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1913
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1914
    3% 1 / 30
  • 1915-1919
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1920-1938
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1939-1952
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1953-1958
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1959-1967
    20% 6 / 30
  • 1968-1992
    30% 9 / 30
  • 1993-1998
    0% 0 / 30
  • 1999-2012
    3% 1 / 30
  • 2013-Present
    30% 9 / 30

Throughout the history of the Cincinnati Reds Club, many different variations of the classic logo featuring the letter “C” have been presented. Since 1880, the number of logos reaches 18 pieces. Recent changes occurred in 2013.

1890 – 1899

Cincinnati Reds (1890-1899)

The club was originally called the “Cincinnati Red Stockings,” and the team’s first logo featured the classic old English red letter “C,” symbolizing the city of Cincinnati.


Cincinnati Reds (1900)

In 1900, the club changed its name to Cincinnati Reds. As a logo, the classic printed letter “C” was used in dark red.

1901 – 1904

Cincinnati Reds (1901-1904)

The font of the letter “C” changes to a more rounded and thicker. The color remains red.


Cincinnati Reds (1905)

The new font of the letter “C,” symbolizing the location of the team – Bruce Double Peak. The ends of the letter “C” are almost touching, which gives the letter the shape of an eye.

1906 – 1907

Cincinnati Reds (1906-1907)

Another version of the Bruce Double Pick font, where the dark red letter “C” added more bends and details.

1908 – 1911

Cincinnati Reds (1908-1911)

Another version of the letter C, which has forked ends, appears in 1908. The color of the letter has not changed.


Cincinnati Reds (1912)

The letter “C” now has a more elongated vertical shape, but otherwise resembles its previous version, except the white rhombus on the back.


Cincinnati Reds (1913)

For the first time, the name of the team was partially used on the logo. Inside the letter “C” is the word “Reds” in the same red color.


Cincinnati Reds (1914)

The letter “C” has become more rounded and bold. The font in the name of the team has changed and become more classic.

1915 – 1919

Cincinnati Reds (1915-1919)

Another new design appeared in 1915. The letters in the word “Reds” have become larger, and the letter “C” has become more elongated and thin in shape.

1920 – 1938

Cincinnati Reds (1920-1938)

At the main letter “C,” the ends are even more closed, and also a thin black outline is added to it. The word “Reds” has remained unchanged.

1939 – 1952

Cincinnati Reds (1939-1952)

On the Cincinnati Reds emblem, a white outline was added between red and black, which made the letter “C” more voluminous. The letters inside were reduced in size and made bolder.

1953 – 1958

Cincinnati Reds (1953-1958)

During the 50s, there was a complete rebranding of the team. A baseball player character appears on the Cincinnati Reds logo in a classic red and white uniform with a baseball instead of ahead. In his right hand, he holds a white bat, and the character himself is in motion. This is the first logo in 70+ years without a letter or team name. The character, whose name is Mr. Redlegs a little later modified, added some details. The logo with a running baseball player in uniform holding a baseball bat lasted until 1967.


Cincinnati Reds (1959-1967)

1968 – 1992

Cincinnati Reds (1968-1992)

Artists decide to combine several logos of previous years. In the background of the logo is a red-letter “C” with the inscription “Cincinnati Reds” on it. In the foreground is a character – a baseball player with a baseball ball instead of ahead and in a classic red and white uniform. The player is shown in motion.

1993 – 1998

Cincinnati Reds (1993-1998)

In the 1990s, there was a return to a more traditional emblem depicting the name of the team. The emblem consists of a white letter “C,” which is located on top of a red background. Inside the letter is the word “red” made in white.

1999 – 2012

Cincinnati Reds (1999-2012)

The penultimate logo of the team is a processed, more voluminous version of the 1993 logo. The letter “C” and the name of the team added dark shadows, which gave expressiveness to the logo.

2013 – present

Cincinnati Reds (2013-Present)

The club’s current logo is also the name of the team placed inside the white letter “C,” symbolizing the city of Cincinnati. “C” has a horizontally elongated and teardrop-shaped, white color, black shadows in the lower part, which makes it three-dimensional. The mark serves as a border for the inscription “REDS,” which is located in the center (inside it). Dark shadows have also been added to all elements in the word to create volume. The font is printed. The background for the letter “C” and the name of the team is red. She accurately repeats the outlines of the parts located on it. At the edge of the emblem is surrounded by a thin red line.

Cincinnati Reds Logo Evolution