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Colorado Rockies Logo

Colorado Rockies logo

Colorado Rockies is an American club of professional baseball players. It was created in 1993. He is a representative of the NL Western Division. It is part of the MLB structure, where it has been playing since 2000-located in Denver, Colorado.

In 1991, a group of owners representing Denver led by John Antonucci and Michael Monus received a franchise. Due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, the team was named the Rocky Mountains. A year later, Monus and Antonucci abandoned their main activity due to financial scandals.

Colorado Rockies emblem

To prevent the collapse of the team, they were forced to sell it to shipping magnate Jerry McMorris. This allowed her to avoid bankruptcy and start playing games in the coming season. As a result, the 1993 debut year became the main reference point of her career, although she was created two years earlier. McMorris owned the franchise until 2005, and then made a deal with the Monfort brothers – Charlie and Dick. Now the team belongs to them. Bad Black ran the team.

Colorado Rockies symbol

The name of the club was given by John Antonucci – one of the founders. He emphasized that the proximity of the Rocky Mountains, covering part of the western region of Colorado, perfectly conveys the essence. The team will be majestic, steadfast, strong, like rushing uphill peaks. But the original version of the Rocky Mountains by the time of the official debut was reduced to the Colorado Rockies.

The logo emphasizes the focus of the name and perfectly echoes it. To date, the team has had only two logo concepts – concise and as clear as possible. Now the version of 1993-2016 is used, which was on the list of alternative symbols. The color palette of graphic signs has never changed – only drawn details were reviewed.

Colorado Rockies logo history

The best logo in the history of the Colorado Rockies?
  • 1993-2016
    93% 28 / 30
  • 2017-present
    6% 2 / 30

Colorado Rockies is a relatively young team that was founded in 1993. Throughout its history, it has changed only two logos, the last of which is very minimalistic, unlike the previous one.

1993 – 2016

Colorado Rockies (1993-2016)

The first Colorado Rockies logo depicted a dark blue peak near which a white baseball ball was flying. Over the city on a black background in silver letters was the inscription “Colorado,” and below it, the word “Rockies,” underlined by a black outline.

2017 – present

Colorado Rockies (2017-Present)

The current logo consists of “C” and “R.” The first letter of the monogram indicates the state where the franchise is based, the second – its name. Elements are arranged vertically and intertwined: the upper sign is located behind the lower one. All other details (baseball ball and the trace of its flight, mountains, name of the club) are absent in this version. The emphasis is on simplicity and rigor.

The lower part “C” is depicted in the semicircular opening “R.” Both letters are made in the classic font and painted in silver with a purple tint. A wide black line is drawn around the edge.

Colorado Rockies Logo Evolution