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Colorado State Rams Logo

Colorado State Rams Logo

Fifteen Colorado State Rams teams defend the honor of Colorado State University in intercollegiate competitions. They take part in the Mountain West Conference, which is associated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I and provides financial support to FBS. Until 1957, the sports department was called “Aggies,” because the university was originally an agricultural college. The team received the nickname “Rams” in honor of the mascot, presented back in 1947. The heads of the educational institution chose a ram because this animal has long been considered the main symbol of the state of Colorado.

Meaning and History

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The Colorado State Rams logo shows a thick-billed ram – an inhabitant of the North American mountains, which is found mainly in the west, from the California Peninsula to Canada. This is a male, judging by the massive horns that bend outward and diverge to the sides.

Colorado State Rams Emblem

The concept of the emblem has not changed since 1982. Designers updated the color palette several times: from a combination of yellow and yellow-green (1982-1992), they switched to a combination of white and cyan (1993-2014), and then made the main background rich green (in 2015). But the shapes, proportions, and arrangement of the elements remained the same as before.

1982 – 1992

Colorado State Rams (1982-1992)

1993 – 2014

Colorado State Rams (1993-2014)

2015 – present

Colorado State Rams (2015-Present)
In the center of the logo is the head of a rhino, turned into a full face. The head is shown schematically and merges with the substrate. The outlines of the animal are formed by geometric shapes that form the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and horns. The ram is circled in a white ring and placed inside the green circle.

Colorado State Rams logo evolution