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Detroit Pistons logo

Fred Zollner was an industrialist and founder of the Zollner Corporation in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1939, he decided to enrich a boring routine of the piston manufacturer and based a basketball club. The man named the team Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons. For 7 years, Pistons had been playing in the NBL, where they became champions twice. In 1948, the club joined the BAA that very soon was transformed into the NBA. Despite the popularity of the team in their hometown, the leadership, following the trends of that time, thought about moving to a larger place. Therefore, the team moved to Detroit in 1957. It should be mentioned, that the city’s name was very appropriate to the team’s one.

Detroit Pistons logo old

It is worth noting that the capital of the Automobile State already had its own basketball clubs, but “hungry” fans who were passionate about spectacles warmly welcomed the settlers, who changed the name to the more patriotic Detroit Pistons.

Detroit Pistons symbol

We can’t help mentioning the merits of the team owner, who was a hot basketball fan. Zolner provided all possible support to the newly formed Association and became one of the initiators who introduced a shot-clock and 6-foul limitation game rules.  In addition, he was the first owner who acquired a personal airplane for team travel between cities.

The significant contribution of Fred Zollner was appreciated: in 1999, he was introduced to the NBA Hall of Fame, and the trophy of the winners of the Western Conference still bears his name.

Detroit Pistons logo history

Since the late 50’s, the club used a very laconic emblem: the name, depicted on a background in the form of a basketball. There are several variants of the Detroit Pistons logo, distinguished by the color of letters, font, and other minor details. In the 80s, designers remained only one inscription “Detroit Pistons”.

Detroit Pistons emblem

Since 1997, the club used a logo, where the head of a horse with a fire-mane was added to the ball. In 2002, the colors of the Detroit Pistons emblem were slightly changed (the green ring turned blue, the orange and the cherry were replaced by red and white). These updates were aimed to remind the team’s best years when these colors were used.

The emblem with the horse’s head wasn’t popular. Both fans and journalists mostly criticized this variant of the Detroit Pistons logo. Moreover, it was called an emblem for car races or for racing. As a result, in the 2005/2006 season, the management of the team adopted a new simplified design. Now the Detroit Pistons emblem is represented by a basketball and the team name inscription.

Detroit Pistons sign

In 2017, the official website of Detroit Pistons introduced an updated logo. In Michigan, it is believed that this will be a new chapter in the club history. This is the eighth renewal of the club’s emblem of the team, founded in 1941. In the new variant, the logo colors have not been changed.

Detroit Pistons logo colors

Hex Color: #E01e38;
RGB: (224,30,56)
CMYK: (6,99,82,1)
Hex Color: #0c4c93;
RGB: (12,76,147)
CMYK: (100,79,12,1)
Hex Color: #b0b1b5;
RGB: (176,177,181)
CMYK: (32,25,23,0)
Hex Color: #FFFFFF;
RGB: (255,255,255)
CMYK: (0,0,0,0)

Detroit Pistons logo vector