FC Bayern München logo

FC Bayern München logo

It is not easy to accept but Bayern football team is 115 years old. However, these ‘old bones’ are quite strong to smash their enemies. Everything began with a split, back in the days of the German Empire, on February 27, 1900. 11 guys led by Franz John became too crowded under the same roof with the Munich gymnastics union MTV-1879. And they, draining glasses with a drink in a zucchini “Gizella”, wanted to create a football club FC Bayern München, named in honor of the land, where Munich stands.

FC Bayern München emblem

Fans give the team a slightly different nickname “The Bavarians”. If you want to pronounce the full version of the club’s name, then breath deeper with your lungs, because the name is quite long – Club Bayern Munchen eingetragener Verein. By the way, artist Wilhelm Focke, one the founders, later was engaged in an airplanes engineering and, together with his brother, created a workshop, from which the Focke-Wolf factories grew.

FC Bayern München logo history

There is a rule of the Bundesliga regulations: one star is assigned to the club’s emblem for three championships, two stars are given for five titles, three – for ten, and four – for twenty. Bayern has four stars for being the 25-time champion of Germany.

Of the seven districts of Bavaria, three are Franconia: Upper, Middle, and Lower. The red color of the coat of arms of the Franconian has been there for already 109 years. Therefore, football players have a nickname “red pants”, and when they play, the Allianz Arena is highlighted in red, not blue, as in the matches of Munich 1860.

FC Bayern München symbol

The diagonal white and blue pattern “migrated” to the FC Bayern München logo from the coat of arms of the Wittelsbach dynasty, which ruled Upper Bavaria from 1240 to 1918. The founder of this family, Otto I, called the Redhead, was famous (in a bad way) for being excommunicated by the Pope from the Church for insulting the bishop.

Since 1923, the FC Bayern München logo has been changed for 10 times. There were emblems, which in many respects are similar to each other, but there were also those that were radically different from the previous ones, and only since 1965, the logo of Bayern München has acquired modern features.

FC Bayern München logo colors

HEX COLOR: #0066B2;
RGB: (0,102,178)
CMYK: (91,61,0,0)
RGB: (220,5,45)
CMYK: (7,100,91,1)
HEX COLOR: #ffffff;
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)