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Florida A&M Rattlers Logo

Florida A&M Rattlers Logo

Florida A&M University has its own sports program, which covers volleyball, athletics, tennis, swimming, softball, basketball, golf, soccer, and baseball. In total, she has eleven teams united under the general name Florida A&M Rattlers. Teams participate in Division I of the NCAA and are also part of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

Meaning and History

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  • 2000-2012
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  • 2013-present
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The central image of the Florida A&M Rattlers logos is a rattlesnake because the mascot of athletes chose this particular reptile. On the brand name 2000-2012, she is depicted in full length. The body bends in rings; its head is raised, its mouth is open. Artists detailed the texture of the skin, focusing on a forked tongue and two sharp fangs. Above in the form of a semicircle is the abbreviation “FAMU”, formed from the name of the university. The palette includes yellow and green.

In 2013, sports teams adopted a new logo. This is, in fact, a mini-fragment from the previous version: the head of a rattlesnake with an open mouth. As before, she shows her teeth and sticks out a thin tongue. The skin looks naturalistic: the creators of the logo in detail depicted black patterns and scales.

2000 – 2012

Florida A&M Rattlers (2000-2012)


2013 – present

Florida A&M Rattlers (2013-Present)

Florida A&M Rattlers Basketball

Florida A&M Rattlers emblem

There have been two competitions in the history of the women’s basketball team as part of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament. The men’s team showed itself more actively: it participated three times in the first round of the NCAA Division I tournament and, as many times, reached the regional final of the NCAA Division II Tournament.

Florida A&M Rattlers Football

Florida A&M Rattlers symbol

The football team played its debut season in 1907. The team repeatedly won the Black College National Championship and Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championships. Willie Simmons is coaching the team.

Florida A&M Rattlers logo evolution