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Florida State Seminoles Logo

Florida State Seminoles Logo

Florida State University has been sponsoring a sports program since 1902 and participates in the NCAA Division I (FBS). Inter-university teams known as Florida State Seminoles compete at the Atlantic Coast Conference. Together, they won hundreds of conferences and nineteen national championships.

The nickname “Seminoles” received the majority of votes in a student vote in 1947. This word is associated with the tribe of the same name from the Florida Indians, which was persecuted by the US government in the early 19th century. Native Americans themselves gave permission to use their name. The official colors of the department are gold and garnet, which corresponds to the traditional palette of the state.

Meaning and History

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In the mid-1970s, the teams adopted the screaming Indian warrior logo. This is a member of the Seminole tribe, an influential leader named Osceola. At one time, he led the resistance group until he was captured in 1837. His profile, which is inside the red circle with a black edge, is depicted on the sport’s emblem of Florida State University. True, when drawing the head, the artists focused on another person – Thomas Wright. He was a student at Florida State University and composed music for the university’s anthem.

The brand name has changed repeatedly. In the years 1976-1989, facial features were less pronounced. In 1990, the red background became pomegranate, and the skin of the Indian became completely white. In 2014, designers changed their style. The feather in the hair is now drawn more realistic than before. And in the place where it connects to the hair, it says “FCU.”

1976 – 1989

Florida State Seminoles (1976-1989)

1990 – 2013

Florida State Seminoles (1990-2013)

2014 – present

Florida State Seminoles (2014-Present)

Florida State Seminoles Basketball

Florida State Seminoles emblem

Success for the men’s basketball team came after the first participation in the NCAA tournament, which took place in 1968. From that day, the team managed to compete for the national title in the NCAA championship, won the Atlantic Coast Conference prize, competed in Elite Eight and Sweet Sixteen. The women’s team won two ACC titles, reached the eighteen NCAA Tournament, and appeared once in the Elite Eight round. The home basketball stadium is the Donald L. Tucker Center.

Florida State Seminoles Football

Florida State Seminoles symbol

The university’s football program dates back to 1902. It changed several conferences and remained independent for many years until it joined the Atlantic Coast Conference. Coach Bobby Bowdenl led the team to success. Florida State Seminoles took part in five competitions of the national championship from 1993 to 2001. In the last decade of the 20th century, they scored a high percentage of wins, reaching a record of 89%.

Florida State Seminoles Baseball

Florida State Seminoles sing

The school introduced the first baseball team in 1948. Its athletes competed in fifty-seven NCAA tournaments and appeared three times in college World Series games and championships, even though they participated in the SWC twenty-three times. Also, they took sixth place in the number of victories in the overall ranking for all seasons. The current baseball coach is Mike Martin Jr. The home stadium, called the Mike Martin Field at Dick Howser Stadium, is on campus.

Florida State Seminoles logo evolution