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Fordham Rams Logo

Fordham Rams Logo

Fordham Rams are two dozen sports teams representing Fordham University at the NCAA Division I intercollegiate competition. All teams participate in the Atlantic 10 Conference, except for players who play in the Patriot League and are members of the Football Championship Subdivision. The mascot of athletes is a ram. The color palette includes white and burgundy.

Meaning and History

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Since the 1940s, Fordham Rams logo has repeatedly changed, but the designers did not depart from the ram theme. In 1941-1947 the mascot animal was painted with dark red lines on a white background. In 1994, a new version appeared – with a confident ram, one form of which expressed anger. Black shadows with burgundy spots enhanced the impression. Below was the inscription “Fordham.” All letters were capitalized, although “F” and “M” were significantly higher than the rest.

In 2001, the developers left the old style, but reduced the head and moved it down the emblem. The upper half was taken by the word “Fordham.” The modern logo was adopted in 2008. It is a large letter “F” with three contours (white, gray, black) and the head of a ram depicted in a half-profile.

1941 – 1947

Fordham Rams (1941-1947)

1994 – 2000

Fordham Rams (1994-2000)

2001 – 2007

Fordham Rams (2001-2007)

2008 – present

Fordham Rams (2008-Present)

Fordham Rams Basketball

Fordham Rams emblem

The first Fordham University men’s basketball competition took place in 1902. The best season was in 1970-1971. Behind the athletes – two victories in the Patriot League Tournament Championships, sixteen games in the NIT, and four NCAA Tournaments. The women’s team was initially a club but then began to represent the institution at the Division I level in the NCAA.

Fordham Rams Football

Fordham Rams symbol

The football program appeared in 1882, 41 years after the foundation of the university. Now the team’s home stadium is Coffey Field, and the head coach is Joe Conlin.

Fordham Rams logo evolution