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Fresno State Bulldogs Logo!

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo

California State University, Fresno own twenty-two Fresno State Bulldogs teams. Most sports are represented at the Mountain West Conference. The exceptions are wrestling and horseback riding (they are listed in the Big 12 Conference), water polo (Golden Coast Conference), as well as lacrosse (Mountain Pacific Sports Federation). At the same time, all the teams of the educational institution participate in the NCAA Division I, have a red and blue color palette and a mascot nicknamed Time Out.

Meaning and History

The best logo in the history of the Fresno State Bulldogs?
  • 1992-2005
    50% 1 / 2
  • 2006-present
    50% 1 / 2

The Fresno State Bulldogs logo traditionally features a bulldog. He stands confidently on four legs and barks, showing sharp teeth. A collar with massive spikes is put on the dog’s neck. On the body – a red T-shirt with a blue letter “F” on the sleeve. In the previous version (1992-2005), the “F” was slightly larger. Now it takes up less space, and the bulldog as a whole has become more compact.

A round white pendant with a green “V” is attached to the collar. She was not there before. Also, the designers changed the color scheme, as a result of which the scarlet turned red-pink, and blue – dark blue.

1992 – 2005

Fresno State Bulldogs (1992-2005)

2006 – present

Fresno State Bulldogs (2006-Present)

Fresno State Bulldogs Football

Fresno State Bulldogs emblem

The team’s merit list includes a victory in twenty-seven conference championships. During games, the team uses an additional logo in the form of a green letter “V.” This badge adorns uniforms, helmets, and Bulldog Stadium. It symbolizes the California Central Valley.

Fresno State Bulldogs Basketball

Fresno State Bulldogs symbol

The most significant achievement of the men’s baseball team is the victory in the National Invitational Tournament Championship, which took place in 1983. The women’s team became famous for having won four WAC titles and participated in the NCAA Tournament seven times.

Fresno State Bulldogs logo evolution