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Furman Paladins Logo


Furman Paladins Logo

Furman University is one of the smallest universities in the NCAA Division I. The university owns twenty teams called Furman Paladins. Teams take part in the Southern Conference, representing many sports: baseball, volleyball, athletics, softball, tennis, diving, swimming, football, golf, cross-country, basketball, sailing, and so on. The Paladins nickname was first mentioned in the 1930s. At first, it was used only in relation to the basketball team. The soccer team was known as the Hurricanes, and the baseball team was known as the Hornets. In 1961, students voted to make the Paladins name common to the entire sports department.

Meaning and History

The best logo in the history of the Furman Paladins?
  • 1981-2012
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  • 2013-present
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The last two Furman Paladins emblems are a combination of classic concepts and minimalism. The emblems are completely identical and differ only in color: version 1981-2012 dark blue and the version adopted in 2013 is close to purple. Another minor nuance is the font. Both logos show the white letter “F.” But in its original form, its horizontal strokes coincided in length. Now the lower strip is shortened. Also, the “F” became greasy and acquired wide serifs.

As before, the letter is located in the center of the rhombus with the arcuate sides concave inward. The geometric element is surrounded by a white outline and is located inside the second rhombus of the same shape. Due to the sharp ends, the figure resembles a four-pointed star.

1981 – 2012

Furman Paladins (1981-2012)

2013 – present

Furman Paladins (2013-Present)

Furman Paladins Football

Furman Paladins emblem

The Furman University football program is considered quite successful. This is the first private school to win an I-AA Football Championship. Also, his team once won the NCAA I-AA National Football Championship.

Furman Paladins Baseball

Furman Paladins symbol

Some of the baseball team’s home games are held at Flour Field, and some at Latham Baseball Stadium. Head coach Brett Harker leads the process. Many football players from Furman University have built a sports career.

Furman Paladins logo evolution