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Gardner-Webb Bulldogs Logo

Gardner-Webb Bulldogs Logo

Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs competes in more than twenty sports authorized by the NCAA Division I and represents Gardner-Webb University at intercollegiate competitions. Almost all teams are members of the Big South Conference, except for wrestling (she is a member of the Southern Conference) and swimming (competes in the Coastal Collegiate Swim Association).

The official nickname for the sports department is Runnin’ Bulldogs. Traditional colors are white, black, and scarlet—Talisman – Mac the Bulldog. At first, the players were personified by a real bulldog nicknamed Butch I. From 1947 to 1953, he lived on campus and preferred to spend time with a trainer. After he was the mascot Butch 2. Butch 1, in the late 1950s, replaced by an anthropomorphic character in a dog costume.

Meaning and History

Gardner-Webb Bulldogs logo evolution

The logo of the sports department depicts a running bulldog, which is quite logical, given the name. The dog looks aggressive: he grinds his teeth, lifting his upper lip. Sharp spikes on the collar and long fangs should demoralize rivals and boost morale for students at Gardner-Webb University. The dog is wearing a red T-shirt with striped sleeves and the inscription “GWU” on its side. White letters are arranged in the shape of an arch. The font is one of the classic varieties of Serif.

Gardner-Webb Bulldogs emblem

All other elements are monochrome. The bulldog is completely white – there are not even spots typical for this breed. Artists used black lines to draw the contours of their paws, head, and tail. The muzzle is depicted in sufficient detail: the developers of the 1987 logo paid attention to details and were able to convey the emotional mood using graphic means. The presented color combination corresponds to the official palette of the educational institution and its sports teams.

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