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George Washington Colonials Logo

George Washington Colonials Logo

The George Washington Colonials are the thirteen women’s and eleven men’s teams that play for George Washington University at the NCAA Division I. Most of the teams participate in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Some sports are represented in the Collegiate Water Polo Association, College Squash Association, Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association, Intercollegiate Sailing Association, and East Atlantic Gymnastics League. The university does not have a football program at the moment: it existed from 1881 to 1966, after which it was liquidated due to disproportionately high costs and a lack of spectators.

Meaning and History

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  • 1997-2008
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  • 2009-present
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The previous emblem, like the name of the sports department, reflects the historical past of America. It depicts the same George Washington, who stood at the origins of the United States. True, the image is more of a caricature: the painted character runs with a fierce expression and holds in his left hand a large blue flag with the letters “GW.” He raised his leg to jump over the inscription “Colonials George Washington University.” The first word is yellow and, thanks to the unusual font, is immediately evident. The name of the university is white and barely noticeable.

In 2009, sports teams adopted the new logo because the old one was too overloaded. The first US president was replaced by a simple monogram consisting of “G” and “W.” The letters are golden, with white highlights and a blue outline. The same sign was used in 1997-2008, like secondary.

1997 – 2008

George Washington Colonials (1997-2008)

2009 – present

George Washington Colonials (2009-Present)

George Washington Colonials Basketball

George Washington Colonials emblem

The basketball team George Washington Colonials played their first season in 1912-1913. Her accomplishments include two CBI competitions, six National Invitation Tournaments, and eleven NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournaments.

George Washington Colonials Baseball

George Washington Colonials symbol

The university introduced the baseball team in 1891. It won at least eight championships. Now holds home games at Tucker Field (Barcroft Park).

George Washington Colonials logo evolution