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Golden State Warriors logo

In 1946, the debut season of the Basketball Association of America (BAA) started. Only three teams from the original list of participants have been existing up to this day. They are Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and Warriors. At the time of creation, the last one was based in Philadelphia.

Traditionally, the team got its name in honor of the former basketball team, with the incredibly original name Philadelphia Phyllis. It had been performing for two years in the ABL. During the debut season of 1926/27, Phillies were renamed to Warriors, whose name was picked up by talented heirs from the BAA. The revived Warriors established themselves as the powerful team by winning the first BAA (and NBA) championship title in history.

Golden State Warriors emblem

In 1962, Frank Mulie, the wealthy businessman from the Bay Area in San Francisco, acquired the team. Therefore, the team moved to this place soon. In the 1961/62 season, the San Francisco Warriors showed themselves. Despite the appealing title, the exciting game of Chamberlain and memorable confrontations with favorites from Boston, the team didn’t gain love from the local public. The catastrophically low attendance of home matches, held in the small town of Daly City and, occasionally, in Auckland and San Jose, led to the team’s next move. Season of 1970-1971 was the last one in the history of the Warriors team from San Francisco.

Golden State Warriors

Having changed the name to the Golden State Warriors in the 1971-1972 season, the team began to hold all their home meetings in Oakland. Six home games were played in San Diego, but more importantly, no matches were played in San Francisco or Daly City. Changing the name, the Warriors became one of two teams in the Big Four sports in the name of which there was no mention of the state or city they are performing in. The New England Patriots is the other team playing in the National Football League.

The Golden State Warriors team has no talisman, and the home stadium of the Golden State Warriors Oracle Arena is the NBA’s oldest active arena.

Golden State Warriors symbol

Oracle fans (or, as it is often called, simply “The O”) are known as one of the most passionate and loyal in the NBA. It should be mentioned that the arena is considered to be one of the noisiest in the league.

Golden State Warriors Logo history

On January 5, 1933, authorities started building the construction of one of the largest Golden Gate bridges connecting San Francisco and the southern part of Marin County. The silhouette of the bridge over the San Francisco Bay, made in the style of retro emblems, is depicted on the current Golden State Warriors logo.

1947 – 1951

Philadelphia Warriors emblem 1947 - 1951

Seventy-two years ago, a new promising basketball team appeared in Pennsylvania. It was named the Philadelphia Warriors. On Philadelphia Warriors logo there was an Indian warrior depicted with a yellow feather on his head, playing with a yellow ball. In the foreground, the abbreviated name of the team Warriors was displayed in yellow italics font.

1952 – 1962

Philadelphia Warriors emblem 1952 - 1962

The last 10 years which the basketball team spent in Philadelphia, Warriors used an updated version of the first logo. It was made entirely in blue tones. The main symbol remained the same. It was a native American – an Indian warrior who was playing basketball. As you can see, the movement of the ball was traced in the form of “W” letter (from the word Warriors). The name Philadelphia Warriors was located in the center.

1963 – 1969

San Francisco Warriors emblem 1963 - 1969

In 1963, the basketball team moved from Philadelphia to the city of San Francisco. Of course, a new San Francisco Warriors logo was born. A circle emblem consisted of an inner (yellow) and outer (white) circles. In the middle of the emblem, there was a war bonnet of Indians with feathers, which symbolized the historical homeland of the team. The inscription “San Francisco Warriors” were placed on the outside. It is worth noting that the letter “i” was replaced by an arrow in the word Warriors.

1970 – 1971

San Francisco Warriors emblem 1970 - 1971

For the first time in the history of the Warriors team, the name was not indicated on the logo. On the new emblem, which lasted only a year, the silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge was depicted in a yellow circle with a blue frame. The inscription of the team was replaced by the word “The City,” which symbolized the city of San Francisco.

1972 – 1975

Golden State Warriors emblem 1972 - 1975

Despite the minimalist style of the Golden State Warriors logo, the emblem turned to be a sophisticated solution for displaying the team. On the yellow circle to the left, there was the blue outline, resembling the Bay Area in San Francisco. And the star was the personification of the state itself. The inscription Golden State Warriors was made in blue letters.

1976 – 1988

Golden State Warriors emblem 1976 - 1988

Basketball players from California had been proudly playing under this emblem for 12 years. Then, the usual yellow circle was replaced by the blue lines traced on it, making an image of a ball. The color of the ball was yellow but brighter and more saturated than the previous one. However, the blue drawing of the bay and the star remained the same. It is worth noting that the font and shade of the team name were changed, too.

1989 – 1997

Golden State Warriors emblem 1989 - 1997

The 1989 Golden State Warriors emblem had become a more refined version of the previous one. It got a warmer shade of a yellow ball, the blue contour of the Bay Area gulf, traced in the left part of the logo, and the blue star nearby. The name remained in the same place, but it got the dark blue tone and bold font.

1998 – 2010

Golden State Warriors emblem 1998 - 2010

In 1997, at the opening of the new arena in Auckland, basketball players presented their new emblem for the first time. In the center of the picture, there was the blue warrior keeping the zipper, located on the background of the orange ball. The zipper turned into the inscription WARRIORS. Power and strength of the team was shown by very bright and dynamic gradients and saturated colors.

2011 – until these days

Golden State Warriors emblem 2011 - 2019

For the past eight years, Golden State Warriors has been performing proudly under the emblem, created by the best designers of Warriors, NBA, and Adidas for 18 months. Having completely changed the design after the previous emblem, GSW approved the primary colors – yellow and blue. In the middle of the blue circle, with a small yellow border around the edges, we can contemplate the yellow bridge over the East Bay Strait in San Francisco, where the team moved in 1962. The design was made as realistic as possible. On top and bottom of the main logo, there is an inscription in blue letters: Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors emblem 2020 - Present

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