Houston Texans Logo

Houston Texans logo

Houston Texans is a member cub of the AFC South division. They compete in the National Football League (NFL). The team is based in Houston, Texas. This club first played in 2002.

The history of the team started a few years earlier – in 1997. Houston entrepreneur Bob McNair had a failed bid to bring a National Hockey League (NHL) expansion team to the city, and Bud Adams relocated the city’s NFL team, the Houston Oilers, to Nashville, Tennessee, where they were renamed the Tennessee Titans.

Houston Texans emblem

After their move, the sole owner of the club was McNair. He then decided to join the football project and founded Houston NFL Holdings with partner Steve Patterson. On October 6, 1999, the NFL awarded the team to Houston.

Several focus groups were then formed, their task was to choose the name for the new team. On March 2, 2000, Houston NFL 2002 announced that the team name search had been narrowed down to five choices: Apollos, Bobcats, Stallions, Texans, and Wildcatters. Notably, each version already had a starter set of merchandise, such as logo design and official colors.

Houston Texans symbol

In a month, the list of choices narrowed down to three, including Stallions, Apollos, and Texans. On September 6, 2000, the NFL’s 32nd franchise was officially christened the Houston Texans before thousands at a downtown rally in Houston. However, their debut in 2002 is considered the official date of team formation. The sole owner of the franchise is Robert C. McNair.

Houston Texans logo history

The Houston Texans logo was designed by Verlander Design from California. The designers used the corporate colors, which were known at the stage of team formation. These are red, white and blue, which are the colors of the state flag. Their color scheme differs from the state flag in that Houston Texans are using a darker blue and a lighter red.

2006 – present

Houston Texans emblem 2006-Present

Houston Texans logo is an abstract depiction of a bull’s head. Moreover, this is not the generalized image, it isn’t a cow or a longhorn, it’s a Spanish fighting bull. According to its creators, it’s noble and perfectly portrays the fighting spirit and represents courage, pride, strength, tenacity, vigor.

The head of this animal is split in such a way to resemble the flag of Texas in red, white and blue and a semicircular knight shield at the same time. The blue side is a little bit bigger than the red one. It’s for a lone star that stands for the eye to stand out in relief against the dark background of the Houston Texans logo. The five points of this star are representing pride, courage, strength, tradition, and independence.