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Indiana Pacers Logo

Indiana Pacers logo

In 1967, a group of investors from Indiana, including one of the ABA founders, Richard Tinkham, and sports agent Chuck Barnes, initiated the creation of a professional basketball team. The name of the future team was selected very thoroughly after discussing several possible variants.

Indiana Pacers emblem

Inhabitants of Indiana are passionate about fast driving. The love for high-speed movement goes through state history. For many years, horses were the best kind of vehicle for people. Therefore, different kinds of horseracing were extremely popular all around the world. Over time, the popular animal was replaced with a full-fledged iron horse, creating the new era of car racing. The race Indy 500 was one of the most prestigious world competitions. The factors mentioned above determined the name of the future club – Indiana Pacers. Chuck Barnes was a passionate racing lover and an agent of famous people, engaged in motorsports. The man played a significant role in making the final decision of the team’s name.

Indiana Pacers symbol

It should be mentioned, that the geographic belonging of the team caused the founder’s hesitations: would they become a city team (Indianapolis Packers) or the state (Indiana Pacers)? To popularize basketball, the idea of organizing exhibition matches in different cities of the state was claimed during the season. It determined the club’s final name.

Indiana Pacers history logo

The best logo in the history of the Indiana Pacers?
  • 1967-1976
    0% 15 / 1.5k
  • 1976-1990
    2% 43 / 1.5k
  • 1990-2005
    31% 480 / 1.5k
  • 2005-2017
    15% 238 / 1.5k
  • 2017-present
    48% 736 / 1.5k

While some clubs completely change their style, others retain the same colors, fonts, and uniforms, but come up with some other options. For example, from the very beginning in 1967, Indiana used only three colors – white, yellow, and blue. The club logo of Indiana Pacers has retained its basic outlines. Actually, the emblem has not been redesigned for a long time, and Indiana does not follow the new rule of the NBA logos and remains the only league team on the emblem of which there is no full name of the club, but only a nickname.

Since 1990, the club logo Indiana Pacers has been represented by a blue letter “P,” inside of which a basketball is depicted. Until 1990, the emblem’s inside part was also redesigned with the image of a basketball player hand, but then this logo was refused.

1967 – 1976

Indiana Pacers (1967-1976)

The original Indiana Pacers logo featured a white hand catching a yellow basketball. The image was placed inside a blue capital letter “P,” which stood for “Pacers.”

1976 – 1990

Indiana Pacers (1976-1990)

In 1977, the name of the team “Indiana Pacers” in blue was placed under the ball. There was also a subtle shift in the color scheme: yellow was changed to orange, blue became lighter.

1990 – 2005

Indiana Pacers (1990-2005)

The previous logo was exploited for about 15 years until, in 1991, the team decided to modify it a bit. The white hand disappeared, leaving the yellow basketball over the dark blue capital “P.” The illusion of motion was created with three horizontal stripes to the left of the basketball. The team name in the logo was shortened to “Pacers” in dark blue.

2005 – 2017

Indiana Pacers (2005-2017)

The new and previous Indiana Pacers emblem looked the same, if not for the shades of blue and yellow and font of the team name. Besides, a thin gray outline was added to the capital letter “P.”

2017 – present

Indiana Pacers (2017-Present)

The latest Indiana Pacers logo was introduced in 2017. It combines the blue capital letter “P” and the yellow basketball of its predecessor placed inside a yellow circle trimmed with “Indiana Pacers” dark blue lettering. The circle has a dark blue and silver outline.

Indiana Pacers logo evolution

Indiana Pacers Color

HEX COLOR: #002D62;
RGB: (0,45,98)
CMYK: (100,68,0,54)
RGB: (253,187,48)
CMYK: (0,15,94,0)
RGB: (190,192,194)
CMYK: (0,0,0,29)