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Juventus Logo

Juventus logo

November 1, 1897, 13 students of the Turin D’Azeglio Lyceum sat down on the bench between the lawns of King Umberto and Prince Victor Emmanuel. And it dawned on them to organize a team of football, the new kind of sport, brought from England. According to their language, it sounded “Calcio Fiorentino”. The club was called in their honor – Juventus.

But there was a dilemma with the headquarters, they had no place to gather together. 20-year-old Eugenio Canfari offered a parents’ shop for bicycle repair for meetings. Also, he went down in history as the first president of Juventus.

Turin is translated from Latin (Taurus) as a “bull”. This horned creation ‘trampled” its place both on the coat of arms of the Piedmont capital and on the club emblem. And in the year of the Bull in 1985, Juventus won the first of two of his Champions Cups. In the bloody finale on “Heysel “, where 39 fans died, the Turinians beat Liverpool with the score 1:0.

Juventus emblem

Speaking of footballers’ form color, Juventus team started playing in pink t-shirts. In 1903, at the factory, by mistake, instead of pink, black and white t-shirts were made. But there was no time and money to make new ones, and it was decided to leave the defective ones for the next 112 years. According to another version, they refused pink, because they did not tolerate washing. The Englishman John Savage (one of the team members) brought the black and white stripes of Notts County. Thus, the oldest of the currently playing clubs in the world has turned Juventus into a “bianconeri”.

For many years there was a zebra on the Juventus logo, and the team players were called “zebras”, too. But the most popular was the nickname of Vecchia Signora (the Old Lady), obtained, according to a legend, from the fans of “Torino”. In the 30-ies of the XX century, juveniles played in t-shirts for a couple of sizes more, which in the wind created a hump. That’s why they were nicknamed as “the Old Lady”.

Juventus logo history

The best logo in the history of the Juventus?
  • 1905-1921
    3% 5 / 148
  • 1921-1929
    0% 0 / 148
  • 1929-1931
    1% 2 / 148
  • 1931-1940
    1% 2 / 148
  • 1940-1971
    1% 2 / 148
  • 1971-1977
    3% 5 / 148
  • 1977-1989
    3% 5 / 148
  • 1989-2004
    6% 9 / 148
  • 2004-2017
    60% 89 / 148
  • 2017-2018
    8% 12 / 148
  • 2017-present
    11% 17 / 148

In 1977, Juventus introduced a logo with the image of a black silhouette of the rampant zebra, which became the symbol of the club. A golden star, personifying ten championship titles was located above the animal. The second gold star appeared after the conquest of the twentieth champion crown. It was placed next to the first one.

In 1989, the coat of arms of the club was returned to the traditional model but with some changes, such as an increase in the size of the emblem with a bull and a gold crown on top.

Juventus symbol

In 1993, the coat of arms was changed again: the internal elements were expanded, two gold stars were located above, the background of the club’s name was painted white, and the coat of arms with the bull became gold.

The Juventus 2004-2007 logo consisted of an oval shield with seven vertical strips inside: three black and four white. A dark inscription ‘Juventus” on a light background was located in the upper part of the emblem. The furious white bull from the bottom of the logo, the symbol of the city of Turin, was placed on a dark background and decorated with a black crown. Gold stars were removed because they were recognized as the property of sports results but not an element of the club’s personality.

FC Juventus logo

In 2012, Juventus removed the stars from the logo. From the principle, after all, 2 out of 33 club’s skudetto were recognized as purchased.

In mid-January, Juventus introduced a new logo. There is no point in trying to find any parallels and connections with the history. Now you couldn’t find bull, zebra or shield there. The fans are shocked by the new Juventus logo. However, the club’s management insists that the new logo will make Juventus the real world club. Like, now “Juventus” should not be associated only with Turin, but actually, it is quite a controversial decision. Only time will tell whether “the Old Lady” bring any benefit or not.

1905 – 1921

Juventus (1905-1921)

1921 – 1929

Juventus (1921-1929)

1929 – 1931

Juventus (1929-1931)

1931 – 1940

Juventus (1931-1940)

1940 – 1971

Juventus (1940-1971)

1971 – 1977

Juventus (1971-1977)

1977 – 1989

Juventus (1977-1989)

1989 – 2004

Juventus (1989-2004)

2004 – 2017

Juventus (2004-2017)

2017 – 2018

Juventus (2017-2018)

2017 – present

Juventus (2017-present)

Juventus logo evolution

Juventus logo colors

HEX COLOR: #66615E
RGB (102,97,94}
HSL (0.06,0.04,0.38)
CMYK (0.00,0.05,0.08,0.60)
RGB (254,199,46)
HSL (0.12,0.99,0.59)
CMYK: (0.00,0.22,0.82,0.00)
HEX COLOR: #010101;
RGB (1,1,1)
HSL (0,0,0)
CMYK: (0,0,0,1)