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Kansas City Royals Logo

Kansas City Royals logo

The Kansas City Royals are a professional baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The club competes in the American League Central Division of Major Baseball League. The franchise was founded in 1969.

The history of the franchise began when the previous team – Kansas City Athletics abandoned the city after the 1967 season. As a result, the city was left without the Major League Baseball team for the first time since 1883. Infuriated Senator Stuart Symington threatened MLB officials with sanctions unless Kansas City was granted a franchise in the next expansion. He was promised to get a team in 1971, but the city authorities were not satisfied with this decision, so they insisted on founding the franchise as soon as possible. Their wish came true in 1969.

Pharmaceutical tycoon Ewing Kauffman won the bidding for the new Kansas City franchise. Besides, it was he who approved the name for the team. He conducted the name-the-team contest, inviting Kansas City citizens to submit ideas. Ewing Kauffman selected the name out of 17,000 submissions.

Kansas City Royals emblem

After Kauffman’s death, on September 23, 1993, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, the official governing body, appointed David Glass as the interim CEO and chairman of the Kansas City Royals. Seventeen years later, on April 18, 2000, David Glass became the sole owner of the franchise, purchasing the team for $96 million.

The name-the-team contest received more than 17,000 entries. The “Royals” were the winning choice, yet it had nothing to do with royalty. The team’s name originated from the world-famous American Royal Livestock & Horse Show, held annually in Kansas City since 1899.

When it was time to make a logo, Ewing Kauffman addressed to design company Hallmark Cards. The owner of the team set the task to combine the city, local peculiarities, and the franchise name. Unfortunately, the original logos did not suit him, since most of them included cattle as Kansas City was a leading livestock stocker and host for rodeo competitions. At the same time, Ewing Kauffman wanted to distance the club from the city’s “cowtown” reputation.

Kansas City Royals symbol

Then Hallmark Cards announced the contest among fifteen artists assigned to the project. At the first step, the works of three artists – Shannon Manning, Carl Woods, and Peter Smokoroski – were chosen, after which each of them was asked to develop several more versions of their original designs. The winning artist was Shannon Manning, awarded at $100. The winning design of the Kansas City Royals logo had no resemblance to the classic emblems of that time. It was modernistic and minimalistic. The Kansas City Royals original logo turned out to be so well-matched and balanced, that it has evolved over the years, with “KC” taking over as the focal point. Only slight alterations were made, yet they did not significantly affect the debut logo.

The modern Kansas City Royals logo is extremely simple, clear, and understandable. The crown makes major emphasis on the concept of royalty, American Royal Livestock, and traditional activities of Kansas City residents. The shield with two letters looks like a heraldic coat of arms of a noble family. The geometrically balanced emblem includes a golden crown over a light blue shield with white-scripted “KC” inside.

Kansas City Royals logo history

The best logo in the history of the Kansas City Royals?
  • 1969-1978
    0% 0 / 29
  • 1979-1985
    0% 0 / 29
  • 1986-1992
    6% 2 / 29
  • 1993-2001
    3% 1 / 29
  • 2002-2018
    72% 21 / 29
  • 2019-present
    17% 5 / 29

The Kansas City Royals is one of the few MLB teams that have changed only seven logos in their history. They made just minor changes shifting the focal focus from “R” to “KC.”

1969 – 1978

Kansas City Royals (1969-1978)

The initial logo is credited to Hallmark Cards Company, established in Kansas City in 1910. Versions of the emblem were submitted by 15 artists who developed the own unique concept of the logo, which would appear on uniforms, jackets, promotional items, etc. The winning emblem was proposed by Shannon Manning, the Chicago White Sox fan. The imagery was simple and clear, and much resembled the style popular in the 1960s. It featured a blue shield topped by a minimalistic golden crown. A big and ultra-white capital letter “R” and the initials “KC,” which appeared in gold, were placed inside a blue shield. The full name “Royals” was below the primary logo. Manning’s modern and minimalistic work became an excellent prototype for the subsequent emblems of the franchise.

1979 – 1985

Kansas City Royals (1979-1985)

In 1979, the Kansas City Royals made minor changes to the logo. The word “Royals” on the bottom was scripted, underlined, and written in small letters. Its color was changed from gold to blue.

1986 – 1992

Kansas City Royals (1986-1992)

In the 1986 version, the word “Royals” became bigger in comparison with the shield that, on the contrary, became smaller. These alterations gave the Kansas City Royals emblem a more expressive and memorable look.

1993 – 2001

Kansas City Royals (1993-2001)

The Kansas City Royals made yet another minor change to their logo. This time they changed the bright yellow color to a lustier golden tone.

2002 – 2018

Kansas City Royals (2002-2018)

In 2002, the capital “R” on the shield was edited out, and the white-scripted initials “KC” became the focal point. The “Royals” wordmark on the bottom of the logo remained the same.

2019 – present

Kansas City Royals (2019-present)

The seventh Kansas City Royals logo is definitely a minimalistic version of previous ones. The focal point completely shifts from the Royals to Kansas City. The logo features only the initials “KC” inscribed on a blue shield with a golden crown above.

Kansas City Royals Logo Evolution

Kansas City Royals Color

HEX COLOR: #004687;
RGB: (0,70,135)
CMYK: (100,75,2,18)
RGB: (189,155,96)
CMYK: (8,29,66,19)