Lazio logo

Lazio logo

Società Sportiva Lazio was formed after the revival of the Olympics in 1900. That is why from the first days the form of athletes was white and sky blue, as on the state flag of the Greeks, the ancestors of the Olympic movement.

Lazio sign

Choosing a name for the sports community, its founders decided to designate belonging to the capital without mentioning it (at that time the sports community of Gimnastica Roma has already existed there), and as a result, they used the name of the administrative region Lazio, which includes Rome. Consequently, nowadays there are more “eagles” fans, who support the team, in surroundings than in the Eternal City.

Lazio logo history

Lazio was created as a multi-discipline athletic society (Società Podistica Lazio), the priority species of which were running, swimming and gymnastics. Since 1927, the organization has been called Società Sportiva Lazio S.p.A., which is reflected on the Lazio logo in the abbreviation S.S.

Lazio emblem

The eagle on the Lazio logo is the legacy of Roman symbolism. During the Roman Empire, the most valiant legions took the image of a golden eagle as the symbol. The bird was depicted in the first versions of the emblem of the football team, and then it was removed and added several times. In 1958, the golden eagle was finally established in the Lazio logo. Now the eagle (or, more precisely, the female eagle) is named Olympia, that corresponds to the roots of the club.

Lazio logo colors

Hex Color: #304d82
RGB: (48, 77, 130)
CMYK: (100, 88, 26, 10)
Hex Color: #84d8f9
RGB: (132, 216, 249)
CMYK: (54, 0, 7, 0)
Hex Color: #d8a900
RGB: (216, 169, 0)
CMYK: (12, 31, 100, 0)