Leicester City logo

Leicester City logo

FC Leicester is a famous football club from England, founded in 1884. It should be mentioned that then the team was called Leicester Fosse, and the command structure was represented by the most ordinary guys, who were students in one school. The football club received its first name from a street near the football field.

Lester Fosse existed for quite a long time, and only in 1919, it was decided to rename the club to FC Leicester City. At that time, the club managed to make its mark in the 1st and 2nd divisions of the League. Along with the club’s renaming, the county of Leicestershire became Leicester.

Leicester City emblem

It is worth noting that the team’s second name (Foxes) is related to the county. The most devoted fans call their favorites “Foxes”. This nickname has a long history. In the 19th century, the county was known to many people for organizing fox hunting, which were often met there. This symbol is reflected in the Leicester City logo.

Leicester City logo history

Since 1946, the club has a coat of arms with an image of a fox neb. Despite the fact that the logo has undergone some changes in the following years, this image has not been significantly changed. This graceful animal is the real pride for devoted fans.

The logo has been changed for several times. First, there was an animal’s profile resembling a dog surrounded by golf clubs. In the eighties, the emblem was represented by the silhouette of a running fox. Probably it was the most important sign that differentiated the emblem from other club’s logo versions.

Leicester City symbol

In 1992, with the development of graphics, the world was presented with a modern round Leicester City emblem. The club took the Potentilla plant (not a lotus or a water lily, as some sources point out), a five-pointed white flower that is visible against the background of the fox’s head. It is known as one of the symbols of the county of Leicestershire.

Leicester City football club logo

This animal was exterminated on hunting in this county for centuries, and that is why it was decided to “compensate” for the foxes, making them a symbol of the club. The symbol of the fox on the Leicester City logo returned to the classic version of a cunning yellow muzzle that has been represented there up to this day. Since then, the emblem has undergone only minor changes (for example, the writing of the letters) and almost has not been corrected since 1992.

It is worth mentioning that Lester traditionally remains true to blue-and-white club colors, for which it has received one more nickname “Blue Army”.

Leicester City logo colors

Hex Color: #1358A1;
rgb(19, 88, 161)
hsl(211, 79%, 35%)
Hex Color: #FAB92C;
rgb(250, 185, 44)
hsl(41, 95%, 58%)
Royal Blue
Hex Color: #05348D;
rgb(5, 52, 141)
hsl(219, 93%, 29%)