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Los Angeles Dodgers Logo

Los Angeles Dodgers logo

Los Angeles Dodgers is a professional-level baseball team from the United States. He plays in the MLB and represents the NL Western Division. The team is currently located in Los Angeles, California, and the official founding date is 1889.

This franchise comes from the city of Brooklyn, New York State, where it appeared in 1883 under the name Brooklyn Robins. Also known as Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1958, the team relocated to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Dodgers emblem

The founders of the team are businessmen Charles Ebbets, Ferdinand Abell, Harry Von der Horst, and Ned Hanlon. They owned the Los Angeles Dodgers until 1904. Then Von der Horst left the group. Henry Medicus took his place. In this composition, the owners managed the franchise for another 2.5 years. By 1907, only two of them remained – Charles Ebbets and Henry Medicus.

From 1912 to 1925, the club was managed by Charles Ebbets, Ed McKeever, and Stephen McKeever. Over the next 25 years, it was owned by several people (Branch Rickey, Walter O’Malley, Andrew Schmitz), as well as Brooklyn Trust Company, which joined McKeever. Since 1950, the club has concentrated in one hand – Walter O’Malley and then passed on to Peter O’Malley. Then it was bought by Frank McCourt.

Los Angeles Dodgers symbol

On March 27, 2012, an agreement was announced between the owner of Los Angeles Dodgers and Guggenheim Baseball Management LLC. The total transaction value reached $ 2 billion. The sale was registered on May 1 of the same year. Now the franchise is managed by CEO Guggenheim Mark Walter, former Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson player, former president of several baseball teams Stan Kasten and film mogul Peter Guber.

After moving to Los Angeles, the club redesigned the logo. The previous options were taken as a sample. The details were redesigned, the palette was shifted towards greater saturation, the lines acquired an intense emphasis. Signature colors are based on deep tones of blue and red. The first represents optimism and perfection, the second – the desire for victory and passion.

Los Angeles Dodgers logo history

The best logo in the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers?
  • 1899-1908
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  • 1909
    0% 0 / 34
  • 1910-1913
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  • 1926-1927
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  • 1928
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  • 1929
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  • 1930
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  • 1931
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  • 1932-1936
    2% 1 / 34
  • 1937
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  • 1938-1944
    26% 9 / 34
  • 1945-1957
    8% 3 / 34
  • 1958-present
    58% 20 / 34

The Los Angeles Dodgers Club logo is one of the most popular and recognizable sports logos in the world. Until 1938, the logo was mainly attended by the letter “B” from the then location of the team – Brooklyn. In 1938, the full name first appeared in the history of logos, and eventually, the image, whose improved version is still used.

1899 – 1901

Brooklyn Superbas (1899-1901)

Initially, the club was called “Brooklyn Superbass” and was located in the city of New York. The first logo was a large red old English letter “B,” symbolizing the Brooklyn area.

1902 – 1908

Brooklyn Superbas (1902-1908)

Two years later, the color of the letter “B” changed from red to dark blue.


Brooklyn Superbas (1909)

In 1909, the Super Bass made the blue on the logo a little lighter, and also changed the font of the letter to Bruce Double Pica.


Brooklyn Superbas (1910)

The blue color of the letter darkened again to dark blue. The letter “B” itself, was placed inside a white rhombus with a dark blue outline.


Brooklyn Dodgers (1911)

The team changes its name to Brooklyn Troll Dodgers, but the logo itself remains unchanged.

1912 – 1913

Brooklyn Dodgers (1912-1913)

The previously crossed lines of the rhombus are now connected, the letter “B,” symbolizing Brooklyn, has become a little larger. Also, the team changes its name again, now to Brooklyn Dodgers.

1914 – 1925

Brooklyn Robins (1914-1925)

The club changes its name to Brooklyn Robins. A blue rhombus has been removed from the logo, and only the blue letter “B” remains, the same as in 1909.

1926 – 1927

Brooklyn Robins (1926-1927)

The team returns to using the logo of the 1912 model.


Brooklyn Robins (1928)

The letter “B,” the font of which is Bruce Double Pica, is placed inside a white circle with a red outline.


Brooklyn Robins (1929)

A year later, the color of the letter on the logo changes to light purple, and a thin bright red outline is added to the design.


Brooklyn Robins (1930)

The font style is the same as last year, but the color of the letter changes to red, with the addition of a thin blue outline.


Brooklyn Robins (1931)

Robins uses the classic blue block letter “B” with a subtle blue outline as its logo.

1932 – 1936

Brooklyn Dodgers (1932-1936)

The club changes its name to Brooklyn Dodgers. The font of the letter “B” again resembles Bruce Double Pica, and also, the letter again becomes dark blue.


Brooklyn Dodgers (1937)

This year was the last when the letter “B” was used. In 1937 it was made in classic print and green.

1938 – 1944

Brooklyn Dodgers (1938-1944)

The full name of the Dodgers team in blue is written diagonally. A thin blue line underlines the name.

1945 – 1957

Brooklyn Dodgers (1945-1957)

The word “Dodgers” is slightly aligned, and the underline has become thinner. An image of a flying red and white baseball ball was added to the logo, red strokes from which indicate its flight path.

1958 – 1967

Los Angeles Dodgers (1958-1967)

The team moves to Los Angeles and accordingly changes its name to “Los Angeles Dodgers.” Small changes are visible on the logo. The word “Dodgers” again has a thicker underline, and the red-white ball is depicted above. Its flight path also occupies a larger area.

1968 – 1971

Los Angeles Dodgers (1968-1971)

The name of the team highlighted in the even thicker font. The red baseball remained in the same place.

1972 – 1978

Los Angeles Dodgers (1972 1978)

The word “Dodgers” took on a darker shade of blue. The red ball is still in flight.

1979 – 2011

Los Angeles Dodgers (1979-2011)

For as long as 32 years, this revised version of the logo lasted. The name was made more accurate, and the outline of the ball and its trajectory was more subtle.

2012 – present

Los Angeles Dodgers (2012-Present)

The modified version of the Los Angeles Dodgers logo is not much different from the previous ones. The word “Dodgers” remained in the dark blue, some of the details connecting the letters were finalized or completely removed from the logo. The current logo has a semi-connected handwritten font in which the “D” is separated from the rest of the letters, and the “O” is devoid of a “tail.” The line between “G” and “E” is made a little thinner. This facilitated the visual perception of the name of the team located on the background of a baseball flying up and its track. The lines of the trajectory and the baseball itself made it clearer.

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo Evolution