Manchester United Logo

Manchester United logo

Manchester United was based as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878. The club was found by the department of railway depots in the Manchester Newton Heath area. During this period, the team mainly consisted of workers of the railway company and played against the teams of other departments, and in 1888, the club joined the local league.

In 1902, the Newton Heath was in debt for 2,670 pounds, and the creditors received a warrant for the club liquidation. Captain Harry Stafford and 4 local businessmen invested 500 pounds and managed to save the team from disbanding. To mark the beginning of a new page in the team’s history, they changed the name to “Manchester United”.

Manchester United logo history

Newton Heath did not have the emblem, and even after the renaming to Manchester United, the club’s logo was not created. Distinctive marks on T-shirts were mostly made only for the final cup matches at that time. So since the United finished the first FA Cup in the 1908/09 season, the first club’s logo on the team’s T-shirt appeared specifically for this match. It was the Lancashire red rose.

The second Manchester United logo was based on the coat of arms of the Manchester Army Consulate and was firstly introduced in 1948 when the team played in their second FA Cup final. The same Red Devils logo was depicted on the uniform of United players in the cup final against Aston Villa in 1957.

Manchester United symbol

The period between the First and Second World Wars was unsuccessful for the team. In the finals of the cups, the players did not participate; accordingly, no logos appeared on the T-shirts. Only 39 years after the first triumph in the FA Cup, Manchester United reached the final of this tournament again, where he beat Blackpool with the score 4:2. The coat of arms of Manchester was the club’s logo, depicted on the T-shirt in that match.

The Manchester logo shows a ship, and this attribute was found on all the Red Devils logos. Why ship? Manchester is one of the main port communities in England. The coat of arms of Manchester is executed in red-yellow colors, and these historical colors passed on the further club’s emblems.

Manchester United emblem

In the sixties, the emblems were not so common in every team as it was used to be. Manchester United invited artists who have developed the outlines that are very close to the current Manchester United logo.

Only the ship and the color palette have survived from the Manchester sign. At the top, there was the title “Manchester United”, and below – “Football Club”. If you believe the team’s historians, the logo was inspired by the fun of the Matt Busby team. For a couple of months, Manchester United had a rather obscure red and black coat of arms, although it did not last long.

Red Devils logo

In 1970, an image of devil replaced the yellow-red diagonal stripes on the Manchester United logo. Long before the update of the club’s sign, the team was called “Red Devils.” The nickname the team owes to the famous Sir Matt Busby. He was inspired by the nickname of the rugby team Salford City and decided to apply it to Manchester United. The new calling was great and even deserved the right to be on the logo.

The modern Manchester United logo appeared in 1998. It was not quite different from the previous one. A minor “cosmetic repair” removed the inscription “Football Club”, and the word “United” was located in the lower part. The sign on was squeezed horizontally and added a black outline.

Manchester United logo colors

Hex Color: #DA020E
RGB (218, 2, 14)
CMYK (8, 100, 100, 1)
Hex Color: #FFE500
RGB (255, 229, 0)
CMYK (2, 4, 99, 0)
Hex Color: #000000
RGB (0, 0, 0)
CMYK (0, 0, 0, 100)