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Milwaukee Brewers Logo

Milwaukee Brewers logo

Milwaukee Brewers is a professional baseball club that has been playing MLB since 2000. Previously, it was part of AL (until 1997) and NL (until 1999). Its location is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The time of occurrence is the 1969th.

The franchise story began with the Seattle Pilots team. After playing a year, she was declared insolvent. This event happened six days before the opening of the next season. This fact forced the club to urgently move to Milwaukee. There was not a minute left to order a new form, so he just had to replace the symbolism.

The initial franchise – Seattle Pilots – was concentrated in the hands of William Daley and brought him losses. After bankruptcy, she passed to the then League Commissioner Bud Selig, who managed it until 2005. It was he who initiated the move. Subsequently, he also transferred the team to the NL Central Division: Milwaukee Brewers entered it on November 6, 1997.

Milwaukee Brewers emblem

Selig independently engaged in a franchise from 1970 to 1992 and then transferred control to his daughter – Wendy Selig-Prieb. As a result, she became the acting head of the club and led him until 2005. But before that, on January 16, 2004, Selig announced that the team was up for sale.

In September of that year, Brewers announced an oral agreement with Los Angeles banker Mark Attanasio. The official transaction took place on January 13, 2005, and cost $ 223 million. In addition to Attanasio, today, the group of owners includes Harris Turer, John Canning Jr., David Uihlein, and Stephen Marcus.

The club received its second name in honor of the brewing traditions of the city of Milwaukee, which has been famous for them since the 19th century.

Milwaukee Brewers symbol

Over the 45 years of its existence, the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team has changed several logos. The most famous version is dated 1978 year. She was chosen based on the results of the contest, where Tom Meindel, a student of the graphic design department of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, won. His logo had a twist – the original letters “m” and “b.” With the approach of the 25-year milestone, the club decided to change its symbolism, but the result did not suit the fans. The brand name has been changed again.

Milwaukee Brewers logo history

The best logo in the history of the Milwaukee Brewers?
  • 1969
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1970-1977
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1978-1993
    11% 5 / 43
  • 1994-1999
    4% 2 / 43
  • 2000-2017
    44% 19 / 43
  • 2018-2019
    20% 9 / 43
  • 2020-present
    18% 8 / 43

The Milwaukee Brewers Club appeared back in 1969 and was then called the Seattle Pilots. Throughout their history, they have changed seven different logos. The last time the team changed the concept in 2000, and also finalized the new logo in 2018.


Seattle Pilots (1969)

In the first year of existence, the club was in Seattle and was called “Seattle Pilots.” The emblem consists of a red ship steering wheel, inside of which is a classic white baseball ball with the inscription “pilots.” The steering wheel is decorated with two yellow wings on the left and right sides.

1970 – 1977

Milwaukee Brewers (1970-1977)

A year later, the team moved to Milwaukee and renamed the club to Milwaukee Brewers. Inside the yellow ring is a drawing a player Beer Barrel Man whose body is a beer barrel in a yellow cap, who is swinging a bat. The inscription “Milwaukee” is above the picture, and the word “Brewers” is below it. The name of the team is made of dark blue.

1978 – 1993

Milwaukee Brewers (1978-1993)

The 1978 logo was selected among more than 2,000 applications from professional and amateur designers at a competition in November 1977. Tom Meindel, a student of art history at the University of Wisconsin-au-Claire, designed the logo and received the first prize of $ 2,000. The logo includes the blue letters “b” and “m” as the initials of the club, forming a baseball glove with a white baseball in the center.

1994 – 1997

Milwaukee Brewers (1994-1997)

January 15, 1998 Brewers presented their first new logo with completely new team colors. The design began in 1992 when the Milwaukee Brewers contacted Major League Baseball Design Service with a request to create a “new look” in line with the new 21st century. The finished material first appeared at the opening in 1994. Inside the black with a brown-white outline of the rhombus, there are crossed letters “M” and “B.” Below them are two green crossed baseball bats.

1998 – 1999

Milwaukee Brewers (1998-1999)

The 1998 logo did not differ much from the previous one. The initials “M” and “B” all also symbolize the full name of the team. The main colors remained brown, black, and green, as well as present everywhere, white, as a contour.

2000 – 2017

Milwaukee Brewers (2000-2017)

In 2000, the Brewers completely changed the concept of the logo. In the background is a black ring with a golden Milwaukee inscription, inside of which you can see a classic white baseball ball. The small branches of barley on the ring are not depicted by chance, as they symbolize the roots of the team and the traditions of the brewery in Milwaukee. The inscription “Brewers” is on the top of the picture.

2018 – 2019

Milwaukee Brewers (2018-2019)

The current version is completely different from the four previous versions. It depicts a curly “M,” which, as conceived by the developers, personifies tradition and modernity. It denotes the name of the team and conveys the importance of the brewing industry in its support. For this, a graphic symbol is placed on the spike, symbolizing the Milwaukee Brewers base.

On the team emblem, a large dark blue letter is located on a light background. Graphically, it is served as if written by hand. It has a triple edging – with lines of white, muted golden and blue. The font is simple, without notches. The golden-blue spike is elongated and occupies the entire space under the letter.

2020 – present

Milwaukee Brewers (2020-Present)

The idea to create a new logo for the team came up with the club’s management back in 2015, and only in 2020, it was possible to realize it. In 2020, the team introduced a new official logo. The emblem became round, in the middle of which was placed an updated baseball glove with the ball inside. The glove was used as a symbol for quite a long time, and for many fans, this logo has become indispensable. Therefore, it was decided to return it. Above and below the symbol is the name of the club. The logo colors are yellow and royal blue. Yellow is a reference to the rich heritage of brewing.

Milwaukee Brewers Logo Evolution