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Milwaukee Bucks Logo

Milwaukee Bucks logo

In 1968, the NBA approved the creation of a professional basketball team in the state of Wisconsin. Talented basketball lovers started offering the names of the future team. They shared all kinds of animals, including beavers, ponies, hornets, and even skunks. As a result, the management decided to stop on animal representatives of the higher-order, and soon the team was officially named Milwaukee Bucks. Mr. Treblikoks, the Wisconsin resident, who was the first to offer this name, not only became a part of the club’s history but also was awarded a new car.

Milwaukee Bucks emblem

It is worth noting that the white-tailed deer, abundantly represented in North America, is one of the official symbols of the state of Wisconsin. The fact is that in the state of Wisconsin, deer hunting is not only a favorite hobby but also a vital necessity. Since the American pioneers shot all the wolves there, the amount of deer living in the forests dashingly increased, and now people have to shoot them.

Milwaukee Bucks symbol

Milwaukee Bucks’s symbol is quite contradictory. On the one hand, every fan would like their favorite players to have manifestations of “deer” nobility and their natural athleticism. On the other hand, these horned creatures are harmless, they are even cowardly and prefer living alone, and therefore these animals are completely devoid of team spirit.

American slang offers a much more appropriate interpretation of the term buck. This is a young, self-confident male individual.

Milwaukee Bucks logo history

The best logo in the history of the Milwaukee Bucks?
  • 1968-1993
    16% 244 / 1.5k
  • 1994-2006
    17% 260 / 1.5k
  • 2007-2014
    14% 215 / 1.5k
  • 2015-Present
    52% 797 / 1.5k

The noble deer is the main symbol of the club. For some time (1969-1993), the animal was depicted in a caricature style on the Milwaukee Bucks logo. Later, modern drawing was established.

From the very beginning, green, white and red were the colors of the team (considering the symbolism, it is visible that the deer hunting in the coniferous winter forest is represented in these tones). These colors resemble the great Lew Alcindor and the championship of 1971. Later, the team had several variations of the emblem with the same green and red theme, until 1986 when the club got rid of red color by replacing it with several shades of green.

1968 – 1993

Milwaukee Bucks (1968-1993)

The original team logo included a caricatured cartoonish yellow buck in a dark green sweater emblazoned with the letter “B.” It was sitting on the black-scripted “Milwaukee Bucks” wordmark and spinning a yellow basketball on one hoof.

1994 – 2006

Milwaukee Bucks (1994-2006)

In May 1993, the logo concept was completely changed. It featured a green buck head on a purple triangular background. This time it wasn’t cartoonish, but a drawing-like buck, whose aggressive look corresponded to the team’s fighting mood. The foreground included the “Milwaukee Bucks” wordmark. The light purple-scripted “Bucks” was trimmed with a dark green outline. The located above the name of the city was smaller, yet also in a light purple color.

2007 – 2014

Milwaukee Bucks (2007-2014)

The key concept of the logo wasn’t changed; however, the primary colors were replaced. The logo ditches the purple triangle for red, while also adding an etched effect to the text for the “Bucks” wordmark. The buck itself remained dark green. The font of the wordmark was altered as well. Its main color was changed from light purple to white with a thin red outline.

2015 – Present

Milwaukee Bucks (2015-Present)

In 2015, new owners of the Bucks club introduced a new version of the emblem. The new logo cannot be called a restyling of the past, but the basic concept remained the same – a deer represented the Buck emblem in full face.

The look has become more predatory. The horns were made more branched, and the neck/chest of the deer was decorated in the form of the letter “M” – Milwaukee. According to the rules of the NBA, the full name of the team should be entirely written on the main emblem. So designers decided to put the inscription Milwaukee Bucks at the bottom. The entire composition is enclosed in a cream-colored circle. The point is that cream is used for the first time in the color scheme of the NBA team and reflects the main nickname Cream City. Therefore, Milwaukee began to be called like this because many of the settlers’ houses were built of brick made from local clay of cream color.

Milwaukee Bucks logo evolution

Milwaukee Bucks Color

HEX COLOR: #00471B;
RGB: (0,71,27)
CMYK: (80,0,90,75)
RGB: (240,235,210)
CMYK: (6,9,23,0)
HEX COLOR: #0077C0;
RGB: (0,125,197)
CMYK: (100,40,0,0)
HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (6,25,34)
CMYK: (20,20,20,100)