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Minnesota Vikings Logo

Minnesota Vikings logo

Minnesota Vikings is a professional football team from the USA and an NFL member. It belongs to the Western Conference of the NFC Central Division. The team is located in Minneapolis, State of Minnesota. Created in 1960 as a franchise extension.

In a year after creation, the club had joined the National Football League and has been its member since that time. A group of businessmen became its first owners: Bill Boyer Sr., Bernie Ridder, Max Winter, Ole Haugsrud and H. P. Skoglund. They managed the franchise within this group by 1972. Then Boyer left them and Haugsrud left a bit later – in1976. As a result, the team was left to the three founders.

Minnesota Vikings emblem

In 1988 the number of Minnesota Viking’s shareholders was greatly extended: Carl Pohlad and Irwin Jacobs joined Skoglund, Ridder и Winter. From 1991 to 1998 Roger Headrick was the sole franchise owner. Later he transferred it to Red McCombs for $250 mln. In turn, he sold it to Zygi Wilf after a failed attempt to change the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome stadium. Since 2005 the club has been owned by Wilf with his 5 family members and Reggie Fowler. They bought it for $600 mln.

Minnesota Vikings symbol

The club got its official name right after creation – on September 27, 1960. General Manager Bert Rose recommended it to the Board of Directors. To his opinion, such a name ideally captures the key essence of Minnesota – the Scandinavian penchant of the local culture. It reflects a Nordic self-restrained fighter with a staunch will to win. That’s how the team has become the first one whose name includes not the location town, but the state.

Minnesota Vikings logo history

The best logo in the history of the Minnesota Vikings?
  • 1961-1965
    1% 1 / 53
  • 1966-2012
    16% 9 / 53
  • 2013-present
    81% 43 / 53

Famous Minnesota Vikings logo with a Norseman image is courtesy of Karl Hubenthal – sports artists at Angeles Times. This happened in 1961. During the franchise history, it has three logo versions which were very alike. The official logo colors are yellow (Vikings Gold), white and black. Later violet was added.

1961 – 1965

Minnesota Vikings (1961-1965)

This version of the Minnesota Vikings logo represented the history and traditions of Ancient Vikings. It contained a steadfast resolute warrior who was not afraid of obstacles. He had an intent expression and all facial muscles are strained. This symbolized his inner drive to victory. His eyes were squinty and he was looking ahead closely. It seemed that the Viking’s hair sided with the horned helmet as a symbol of inborn war lust. The peculiar tail and helmet were drawn in moderate sand color and the mustache and brows were white. All elements were outlined in black.

1966 – 2012

Minnesota Vikings Primary Logo (1966-2012)

On this Minnesota Vikings logo, the head was turned opposite – to the right. The image was made more realistic: the Viking has a natural skin color (beige rose and light typical for Norsemen), golden mustache and brows (they match the hair tressed in a tale typical for Vikings). A dark violet band was added on the helmet. The sharp horns were left white with a black top. The touches became sharper and more certain – the close look was underlined and the noise was removed from the face.

2013 – present

Minnesota Vikings Primary Logo (2013-Present)

In 2013 Minnesota Vikings logo was updated once again. The horns’ shape and shadows were elaborated and became bulkier. As a result, their base was changed in such a way that the helmet chimed with the sports attribute. The fine details were removed, the lines which outline the face became thicker so as the other figures of the mustache and hair. The tail became shorter and its links – wider. Also, the yellow hue was shifted – it became brighter so now it is not light pastel, but saturated golden.

Minnesota Vikings Color

HEX COLOR: #4F2683;
RGB: (79,38,131)
CMYK: (82,100,0,12)
RGB: (255, 198,47)
CMYK: (0,23,91,0)