New York Knicks Logo

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New York Knicks logo

New York Knickerbockers was a team of BAA (Basketball Association of America) that appeared in 1946. The same year, the NBA and the BAA united, and as a result, the New York Knicks joined the National Basketball Association.

The very first logo of the club was “Knickerbockers” originated from Dutch settlers who arrived in the New World. Most of them settled in the area, which is now known as New York. In particular, this refers to the style of pants worn by the settlers. The trousers rolled up below the knee that became known as “breeches,” or “pantaloons.” Now this word is mostly forgotten, and the name of the team is reduced to “Nix” in a hundred percent of cases. The first New York Knicks logo, on which the well-fed Dutchman was depicted, left in the past very quickly, giving way to a pure-expressive ball with letters (which gradually became modern).

New York Knicks logo history

Originally, the colors of the New York Knicks logo were blue, white and orange, as on the municipal flag (and, by the way, on the old flag of the Netherlands). It has remained the same to these days, except for a short period in the early 1980s, when the Knicks changed the orange color to red, but the mistake was quickly corrected and forgotten.

New York Knicks emblem

In 2011, the new, updated and current New York Knicks logo was introduced. Many fans of the Knicks were delighted with the return to the blue color scheme, which was used by the club for most of the history. Orange, blue and white are the official colors of New York City. But the blue color is very spread. It looks neutral and fits any team in any kind of sport. The orange color of the current Knicks logo is quite rare, and the emphasis is made on the shine and confidence that match the team from the big city. In this case, the blue looks good as a border, and the white font draws attention to the team’s name.

New York Knicks symbol

The New York Knicks logo somewhat resembles the label of a second-rate detergent and would be appropriate on the chest of some superhero. Of course, this is not very bad, but it is somehow unserious for the enterprise of such level and rich history. So, what do you think?

Since 1995, New York Knicks has a second logo, symbolizing the token of the New York subway.