Newcastle logo

Newcastle logo

The logo of the Newcastle football club is one of the most unusual and beautiful in European football. The emblem is based on the coat of arms of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, which was founded in the second century AD by the Romans under the name of Pons-Eleyus. Later it was renamed as Novum Castellum in the Middle Ages.

Actually, from the day of its foundation in 1892 and until 1976, Newcastle performed with the coat of arms of the city on its chest. Three towers, depicted on it, symbolized the fortress, which was founded by Robert Kurtgez, the son of William the Conqueror. For a long time, it was the northernmost fortress of England and served as a defense against the Norman raids. Two sea horses on the sides symbolized the close connection of the city with the sea. And the inscription under the emblem Fortiter Defendit Triumphans also referred to the times of confrontation between the English and Scandinavian tribes.

Newcastle logo history

Experiments with the Newcastle logo began in 1969, and in 1976 it was unrecognizably changed for the first time. The updated emblem was round, and also a magpie appeared there, the reasons for the occurrence of which have not ceased disputes so far. Some say that it was caused by the black and white colors of the club, where the nickname came from. So it was eventually fixed in the logo for a long 12 years. Others say that after the construction of “St. James Park,” the home arena of the team, there were a lot of ravens nesting on its territory although the stadium was built 12 years before the foundation of the club.

Newcastle emblem

Newcastle came to the modern emblem only in 1988. It was decided to go back to the team’s roots and refine the original coat of arms of Newcastle upon Tyne. Thus, composition artists added a shield, painted black and white stripes, which recalls team shirts. But the turret over the shield remained the same. The royal lion with the flag of St. George symbolizes the exploits of the city, which was attacked several times in the 14th century and besieged by Scots during the civil war. Speaking about two seahorses, they remained on the emblem, but the inscription “brave defenders” was replaced by the name of the club. There was no place on the modern Newcastle logo only for the magpie, but the nickname of the Newcastle players was fixed in people’s minds forever.

Newcastle logo colors

HEX COLOR: #000000;
HSL(0, 0%, 0%)
RGB(30, 183, 238)
HSL(196, 86%, 53%)
RGB(239, 183, 74)
HSL(40, 84%, 62%)
HEX COLOR: #ec4036;
RGB(236, 64, 54)
HSL(3, 83%, 57%)
RGB(187, 189, 191)
HSL(210, 3%, 74%)
Hex Color: #FFFFFF;
HSL(0, 0%, 100%)