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Oakland Athletics Logo

Oakland Athletics Logo

Oakland Athletics is a professional baseball team and member of MLB. It is part of 8 AL charter franchises and a member of the Western division. The team was created in 1901. Oakland Athletics is located in Oakland, California.

It began its sports career as Philadelphia Athletics in Philadelphia, where it had been staying up to 1954. After this, the team was renamed into Kansas City Athletics as it has moved to Kansas City. There the club had been playing since 1955.

On October 18, 1967, AL managers allowed it to move to Oakland for one season. But Stuart Symington, Senator for Missouri, claimed that it was the happiest town in the world, and by 1973 a new ballpark would be constructed there. So the franchise was left in Oakland.

Oakland Athletics emblem

Ben Shibe was the club founder. He managed it from 1901 till 1922. Then Connie Mack became its manager. He had been managing Oakland Athletics for 32 years. After this, he sold it to Arnold Johnson, and the latter sold it to Charlie Finley. This happened in 1981. Then the franchise had been managed by Walter Haas (till 1995), Steve Schott and Ken Hofmann (till 2005-го).

On March 30, 2005, the team was purchased by a group managed by developer Lewis Wolff. But actually, it was owned by John J. Fisher, son of The Gap, Inc. founder. As Wolff operated a real estate and construction business, he helped the club to find a suitable site for the stadium.

The team name was based on the Athletic Club, which existed in the 60s of the 19th century. By the way, the name has never been changed when the team moved – only the location name has been added.

Oakland Athletics symbol

In 2002 the team won 20 games on end, having broken the record of the American League. This was reflected in books and movies. Oakland won the World Series 9 times and won the American League 15 times.

Since 1993 the club has been using a modernized version of the previous logos. Oakland Athletics logo is a white circle with letters “A’s” in the middle. The letters are circled with “OAKLAND ATHLETICS” in a wide field. The first part of the name is above, the second one – below, which visually balances the image. The elements have a golden outline.

Oakland Athletics logo history

The best logo in the history of the Oakland Athletics?
  • 1901
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1902-1919
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1920
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1921-1923
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1924-1927
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1928-1929
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1930-1938
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1939-1953
    8% 1 / 12
  • 1954-1967
    8% 1 / 12
  • 1968-1970
    0% 0 / 12
  • 1971-1981
    8% 1 / 12
  • 1982-1992
    8% 1 / 12
  • 1993-present
    66% 8 / 12

The Oakland team had 14 logos. Usually, the letter “A” was alternated with an image of a white elephant. The first variant of the Oakland Athletics logo is a graphically stylized name, and the second one is a result of the divide between Connie Mack, Oakland Athletics owner, and John McGraw, manager of New York Giants. In 1902 the latter scornfully called the team “white elephants,” alluding that they were not playing but throwing money away. Then Connie Mack accepted the challenge and made a white elephant the logo of his club.


Philadelphia Athletics (1901)

The first logo of the club, which was called Philadelphia Athletics, was a printed classical blue letter “A” for “Athletics.”

1902 – 1919

Philadelphia Athletics (1902-1919)

The second club logo remained for 17 years. It was the letter “A,” but a dark-blue one and printed in Old English font.


Philadelphia Athletics (1920)

Connie Mack decided to use a picture of a dark-blue elephant as a 1920 logo.

1921 – 1923

Philadelphia Athletics (1921-1923)

The new artist who drew the next logo with an elephant made it more peculiar as he drew the animal standing on hind legs. Besides that, light-blue was used instead, and white details were added.

1924 – 1927

Philadelphia Athletics (1924-1927)

This time the elephant was made more abstract and black and white. The elephant was still standing on hind legs.

1928 – 1929

Philadelphia Athletics (1928-1929)

Athletics started using blue Old English “A” again adding a thin white and blue outline.

1930 – 1938

Philadelphia Athletics (1930-1938)

The seventh club logo had a new design: the elephant was white with a blue outline and on its fours.

1939 – 1953

Philadelphia Athletics (1939-1953)

The 1939 logo has a nuanced image of a white elephant with a thin black outline. The animal was moving and held a white baseball in its trunk. There is a red fabric with the team initials “A’s” on its back.


Philadelphia Athletics (1954)

The last Philadelphia Athletics logo represented an image of a white elephant with a blue outline that balances on a red-and-blue baseball. It held a batt in its trunk and had a piece of red fabric with letters “A’s” the same as before. The black outline of Pennsylvania State is on a baseball.

1955 – 1967

Kansas City Athletics (1955-1967)

The club moved to Kansas and was renamed into Kansas City Athletics. The Kansas City Athletics logo remained almost the same: an elephant with letters “A’s” on its back holding a batt and balancing on a baseball.

1968 – 1970

Athletics (1968-1970)

A big white baseball with two yellow-green stitches and green outline was the Oakland Athletics logo at that time. Green letters “A’s” for “Athletics” were drawn on it.

1971 – 1981

Oakland Athletics (1971-1981)

The next Oakland Athletics logo resembled the previous one. It is also based on a baseball, but now it became yellow. Letters “A’s” were left in the middle, but now a pair of white tennis shoes appeared on the logo, and The Swingin’ was printed above the letters.

1982 – 1992

Oakland Athletics (1982-1992)

The thirteen Oakland Athletics logo represented a simple white circle with a thick, dark-green outline. Yellow letters “A’s” were printed in the middle, and Oakland Athletics were printed in a semi-circle above and below.

1993 – present

Oakland Athletics (1993-Present)

Currently, the Oakland Athletics logo represents a white-green circle with the initials of and the full team name. Dark green letters “A’s” are printed inside on a white background with a thin yellow outline; the full name of the team Oakland Athletics is printed on the outer dark-green circle part.

Oakland Athletics logo evolution

Oakland Athletics Colors

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CMYK: (100,00,60,72)
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