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Orlando Magic Logo

Orlando Magic logo

In 1985, fans of Florida only dreamed about their own NBA team. A year later, the NBA approved the creation of two local clubs, which marked the beginning of a principled, although not the most noteworthy, confrontation.

Both in Miami and Orlando, fans were suggested to choose the names of future clubs. It is not surprising that identical names like Heat and Floridians appeared in both cases. A distinctive feature of voting in Orlando, organized by the local newspaper Sentinel, was a variety of names related to space themes. The reason for this was the recent tragedy of a national scale: the legendary Challenger shuttle crashed near Florida in January 1986 during its jubilee launch. The catastrophe took the lives of all seven astronauts and seriously ruined the entire US space program.

Orlando Magic emblem

The best remedy for grief is a memory, so very soon Orlando Challengers became the favorite participant in the contest of the future NBA club name; Astronauts and Orbits were the less preferred options related to space. The most popular names of anti-star themes were Juice, Tropics, Sentinels, Aquaman, and Magic.

Orlando Magic symbol

As in the history with the Chicago Bulls, the final version of the name was suggested by a minor child of the club’s general manager. The seven-year-old daughter of Pat Williams, impressed by the local amusement parks, called the city “magical,” which inspired her father to use it for as the team’s name.

Orlando Magic logo history

The best logo in the history of the Orlando Magic?
  • 1989-2000
    9% 135 / 1.4k
  • 2001-2010
    77% 1k / 1.4k
  • 2011-Present
    13% 189 / 1.4k

Through the history of its existence, Magic redesigned the emblem three times, but all the changes were insignificant. The idea of the Orlando Magic logo almost always remained the same – a basketball and an inscription with some letters replaced with asterisks.

1989 – 2000

Orlando Magic (1989-2000)

In the seasons of 1989/90 – 1999/00, the emblem was an inscription “Orlando Magic” with a basketball next to it. A star, made in silver color, replaced the letter “A.” The main colors of the emblem were blue, silver, and black.

2001 – 2010

Orlando Magic (2001-2010)

Before the 2000 – 2001 season, the Magic redesigned its logo, and a different starry basketball was used. The silver and blue basketball in black trim with a black tail and three small stars in white and silver. The basketball is placed under the “Magic” wordmark in blue with black trim with two silver stars representing the letter “A” and the dot in the “i.” Also, a wordmark “Orlando” with a white star representing the letter “A.”

2011 – Present

Orlando Magic (2011-present)

After the team’s moving to the new arena in the 2010/11 season, the Orlando Magic logo was also slightly changed. This time the letter “A” wasn’t closed by the stars, and the inscription was created in blue color with a white-black edging. Due to the change in the logo font, the Magic inscription acquired a clear and more integrated look. The inscription “Orlando” was executed in black. A basketball with a tail from the previous Orlando Magic logo (2001-2010) remained unchanged.

Alex Martinez, one of the Magic’s leaders, said that the new Orlando Magic logo marked the beginning of a new era of perfection for Orlando Magic and its fans. The special logos were used on the 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries of the club.

Orlando Magic logo evolution

Orlando Magic Color

HEX COLOR: #0077C0;
RGB: (0,125,197)
CMYK: (100,45,0,0)
RGB: (196,206,211)
CMYK: (5,0,0,25)
HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (6,25,34)
CMYK: (20,20,20,100)