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Philadelphia Phillies Logo

Philadelphia Phillies logo

Philadelphia Phillies is a professional sports club for baseball players. Since 2000, part of the MLB. Until 1999, the club was a structural unit of NL, where it represented the Eastern Division. The team was founded in 1883. and today, the team’s base is still located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This is the only franchise that has never changed the city and name. Its first owners are Al Reach and John Rogers. Starting from 1899, Rogers was the sole owner of the team and remained until 1903. Then Philadelphia Phillies went on to James Potter, who sold it to Bill Shettsline after two years. But he was not the owner for long – about four years.

Philadelphia Phillies emblem

Soon, the club acquired William Baker and disposed of it until 1930. The next owners were Gerald Nugent (1931-1942), William B. Cox, R. R. M. Carpenter (1943-1950). In the end, all the shares went solely to Robert Carpenter, who decided to change the stadium. But the players could only relocate in the 1970th. When Bob Carpenter retired, he transferred ownership to his son Ruly. And he subsequently ceded them to Phillies Limited Partnership. It happened in the 1981st year.

The final name of the team was formed a year after its founding – in the 1884th. Since the word “Philadelphia” did not fit in newspaper headlines, journalists began to shorten it to “Phillies arbitrarily.” This option took root and became official in the 1890th year. Even an attempt to give the franchise a different name (in 1943 – Blue Jays) could not overshadow it.

Philadelphia Phillies symbol

For more than 135 years of history, the club has replaced almost 16 logos. At the same time, the brand name has always had the shape of a circle, except the modern version, which appeared in the 2019th year. Its peculiarity is the absence of any hint of a region or a base city – there is only a fragment of an abbreviated name on it.

Philadelphia Phillies logo history

The best logo in the history of the Philadelphia Phillies?
  • 1900-1909
    0% 0 / 40
  • 1910
    2% 1 / 40
  • 1911-1914
    0% 0 / 40
  • 1915-1943
    12% 5 / 40
  • 1944-1945
    0% 0 / 40
  • 1946-1949
    2% 1 / 40
  • 1950-1969
    10% 4 / 40
  • 1970-1975
    2% 1 / 40
  • 1976-1980
    0% 0 / 40
  • 1981-1991
    5% 2 / 40
  • 1992-2018
    37% 15 / 40
  • 2019-present
    27% 11 / 40

Over the past 100-plus years of the history of the Philadelphia Phillies, 16 logos have been changed, even though the location and name of the team remained the same. The last logo depicts the bell of freedom.


Philadelphia Phillies (1900)

The very first Phillies logo depicted the usual blue block letter “P,” symbolizing the city of Philadelphia.

1901 – 1909

Philadelphia Phillies (1901-1909)

The color of the letter “P” changed from blue to black.


Philadelphia Phillies (1910)

After ten years of existence, on the new club logo, the green letter “P” was made in the Old English style.

1911 – 1914

Philadelphia Phillies (1911-1914)

The club again returns to the image of a large red printed letter “P.”

1915 – 1937

Philadelphia Phillies (1915-1937)

In 1915, the logo was based on a graphic style image of a resident of Philadelphia in the middle of a dark blue baseball field. The drawing is inside the red ring that says Philadelphia National League. Baseball Club” in white.


Philadelphia Phillies (1938)

After as many as 22 years, the same emblem is made completely yellow with the addition of subtle blue contours. Otherwise, the image and signature remained the same.

1939 – 1943

Philadelphia Phillies (1939-1943)

Again, an emblem depicting a Philadelphia baseball player changes the color palette. The main pattern takes on several gray and silver hues, but the ring is white. The team name is executed in yellow, with a thin black outline.

1944 – 1945

Philadelphia Phillies (1944-1945)

This logo depicts a blue jay sitting above the Phillies sign. The name of the team is red, and the dots above the letters “i” are replaced by red stars.

1946 – 1949

Philadelphia Phillies (1946-1949)

In 1946, the Phillies again changed the logo. Two baseball players are depicted on a red background. The first catch a flying white baseball, while the second tries to substitute a bandwagon for another player. Under the picture is the phrase “Fighting Phyllis,” as well as a white baseball bat.

1950 – 1969

Philadelphia Phillies (1950-1969)

The Phyllis logo has changed. Now the main part of the picture is occupied by a red corporate red cap with a white letter “P,” around which there is a thin blue circle with stars and a white baseball, as well as with a small inscription “Phillies” in red.

1970 – 1975

Philadelphia Phillies (1970-1975)

The eleventh club logo is the image of the red letter “P” with a white baseball in the middle. Also, below is the full name of the team.

1976 – 1980

Philadelphia Phillies (1976-1980)

In 1976, the short-lived talismans debuted Phil and Phyllis – children dressed in colonial blue robes. It can be seen that Phil throws a baseball and holds a bat, while Phyllis has a playing glove in his hand. The word “Phillies” in red is under the picture. His design is the same as on the previous logo.


Philadelphia Phillies (1981)

The red letter “p” again returns to the logo, indicating the name of the team, with a baseball in the middle.

1982 – 1991

Philadelphia Phillies (1982-1991)

The letter “p” changes color from red to brown.

1992 – 2018

Philadelphia Phillies (1992-2018)

In 1992, the logo completely changed the concept. On a blue background with a red contour, the white silhouette of the Liberty Bell is depicted. In the foreground is the word “Phillies” in red, where the letters “i” adorn the blue stars.

2019 – present

Philadelphia Phillies (2019-Present)

The inscription is made in the form of imitation of handwriting, where instead of dots above the “i,” stars are used. The word “Phillies” is located on top of the Liberty Bell. Its body is punctured, as evidenced by a broken line at the bottom of the graphic symbol.

This is a simplified version of the 1992 logo: it darkened the colors, tweaked the main element, and removed the low-speaking details. The color scheme of the logo is a combination of blue, white, and red. Only letters and stars placed against a bell have a stroke.

Philadelphia Phillies Logo Evolution