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Pittsburgh Pirates Logo

Pittsburgh Pirates logo

Pittsburgh Pirates is an American professional-level baseball team that appeared in 1882. Since 2000, the club has been playing as part of the MLB and represents the NL Central Division. The team until 1886 was a member of the American Association. Club location in Pittsburgh, PA.

The foundation of the club was laid a year before the official registration – October 15, 1881, with the advent of the Allegheny franchise. At that time, the city of Allegheny was a separate settlement, so at first, the group of baseball players was named after him – as the center of the games. After joining the National League, the team received the name Pittsburgh Alleghenys. This happened in 1887, during the last term of Denny McKnight.


Pittsburgh Pirates Emblem

Today’s name appeared a little later and is associated with the collapse of the Players League in the 1890th. That year, the Pittsburgh leadership signed a contract with Lou Bierbauer, a member of another club. According to one of the sport’s observers, the franchise captured him in a pirate way. So the nickname “pirates” stuck to her. Over time, the nickname turned into a brand name – Pirates. This happened under William A. Nimick, who owned the sports group until 1891.

Then two owners appeared at once – William Kerr and Phil Auten. In the 1900th they were replaced by Barney Dreyfuss. After 32 years, the club moved to Bill Benswanger, and then (in 1946) to John W. Galbreath. In the end, he had financial difficulties, and in 1985 the team began to be owned by a local organization – Pittsburgh Associates. To Robert Nutting, the current owner, she got in the 2007th year from Kevin McClatchy.

Pittsburgh Pirates symbol

For almost 140 years of history, the club has used 18 multi-format logos. The continuous shift of emphasis towards “P” turned out to be advantageous. Today, this symbol is not only well recognized, but also patented by the team. The boom of various types of spelling of the letter fell on the period from 1900 to 1935. During this period, the franchise managed to change eight logo modifications.

Pittsburgh Pirates logo history

The best logo in the history of the Pittsburgh Pirates?
  • 1900-1907
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1908-1909
    4% 2 / 43
  • 1910-1914
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1915-1919
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1920-1921
    2% 1 / 43
  • 1922
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1923-1933
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1934-1947
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1948-1957
    0% 0 / 43
  • 1958-1966
    2% 1 / 43
  • 1967-1986
    2% 1 / 43
  • 1987-1996
    4% 2 / 43
  • 1997-2013
    74% 32 / 43
  • 2014-present
    9% 4 / 43

After numerous logo changes, the Pittsburgh Pirates decide to return to the minimalist version with the letter “P.” Its advantage is that it has accumulated nearly 70 years of brand equity and has deep resonance for Pittsburgh fans. Pirates used a total of 18 different logos over their 100-year history.

1900 – 1907

Pittsburgh Pirates (1900-1907)

The first Pirates logo appeared in 1900. This is the blue Old English letter “P,” which simultaneously designates the city of Pittsburgh, and the name of the team is “Pirates.”

1908 – 1909

Pittsburgh Pirates (1908-1909)

In 1908, the club first used a three-letter logo. On top of the red printed letter, “B” is the blue letters “P” and “C.” The monogram “PBC” means “Pittsburgh Baseball Club.”

1910 – 1914

Pittsburgh Pirates (1910-1914)

The club’s fourth logo is almost a return to the original version, where the logo is a blueprinted letter “P” representing the words “Pittsburgh” and “Pirates.”

1915 – 1919

Pittsburgh Pirates (1915-1919)

Pirates again change the team’s primary color from blue to red. The letter “P” now has a more streamlined shape.

1920 – 1921

Pittsburgh Pirates (1920-1921)

A return to the classic red printed letter “P,” which also denotes the name of the team, takes place in 1920.


Pittsburgh Pirates (1922)

In 1922, Pirates completely changed the style of the letter “P.” It is made in Old English script, decorated with details and hooks.

1923 – 1933

Pittsburgh Pirates (1923-1933)

The new design of the letter “P,” meaning the name of the club from the city of Pittsburgh. The letter has a streamlined style in red and the addition of a subtle dark blue outline.

1934 – 1947

Pittsburgh Pirates (1934-1947)

For the first time in club history, a logo appears without a letter. It depicts a cartoon-style pirate portrait in a black hat with crossed white baseball bats. The pirate’s neck is decorated with a red bandage, as well as ahead, and a gold earring is visible in the ear. Also, the hero of the Pirates logo is wearing a blue shirt.

1948 – 1957

Pittsburgh Pirates (1948-1957)

1958 – 1966

Pittsburgh Pirates (1958-1966)

And again on the Pirates logo is an animated pirate with bristles, a black pirate hat, and an eye patch. The character has two gold earrings in both ears, and a red bandage is visible under the hat. Under the pirate’s head are two crossed yellow bits, as well as the word “Pirates” in black. Pittsburgh Press artist Jack Berger Sr drew this logo.

1967 – 1986

Pittsburgh Pirates (1967-1986)

This illustration was created by Bob Gessner, who was also the creator of the emblem of one of the Pittsburgh NHL teams. The new pirate is depicted on a background of yellow papyrus. He looks friendlier, with a black pirate hat still on his head. Below is the inscription “Pirates” in black.

1987 – 1996

Pittsburgh Pirates (1987-1996)

The Pirates brand was renewed again in 1987. It is based on a yellow rhombus, inside of which there is a cartoon portrait of a pirate in a black hat and black camisole. The name of the team is made in yellow with the addition of a black outline.

1997 – 2013

Pittsburgh Pirates (1997-2013)

The penultimate logo of the club was a large yellow inscription “Pirates,” under which the pirate’s head was placed. The head of the character is decorated with a red and black bandana; on the right eye, there is a black bandage, in the left ear, there is an earring. Behind him are two crossed baseball bats.

2014 – present

Pittsburgh Pirates (2014-Present)

The current version appeared four years ago and is still relevant today since it simultaneously designates both pirates and Pittsburgh. The emblem is designed in the form of the Old English “R” and is a modern adaptation of the corporate identity of the 1900s. It is made with a registered font, which was called MLB Pirates, so a unique stylization characterizes the yellow glyph.

Pittsburgh Pirates Logo Evolution