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San Diego Padres Logo

San Diego Padres logo

San Diego Padres is a professional baseball club that has been playing at MLB since 2000 and represents the Western Division NL. The team arose in the year 1969 and now located in San Diego, California. It is the only major sports organization in the city after the relocation of Chargers.

The franchise was granted as one of four expansion teams. Its first owner is C. Arnholt Smith, the founder of PCL Padres and a businessman involved in airlines, real estate, hotels, tuna fishing, and banking. He managed the club until 1974, and then put up for sale.

San Diego Padres emblem

First, a preliminary deal was made with Joseph Danzansky, the owner of a large grocery chain who wanted to move the franchise to Washington. But lawsuits prevented the purchase. At the same time, Ray Kroc, CEO of McDonald’s, left his post and was looking for a new business. Upon learning of the sale of San Diego Padres, he acquired it for $ 12 million. So the team remained in their hometown.

Having gradually become disillusioned with the abilities of the players, Kroc, after ten years, transferred control to the daughter Joan and the son-in-law of Ballard Smith. In the 1990th year, the club passed to Tom Werner, who owned it for four years. Then it was bought by John Moores. Since August 28, 2012, the owner of San Diego Padres has been Ronald L Fowler.

San Diego Padres symbol

The club took its name from former representatives of the Pacific Coast League. It is connected with the history of San Diego: “padres” in Spanish means “father” “holy father.” It was in this California town that the first mission of the Franciscan monks from Spain appeared, who created the village. Thus, the administration expressed gratitude to the founders of the city. Moreover, the franchise has never changed its name.

San Diego Padres logo history

The best logo in the history of the San Diego Padres?
  • 1969-1984
    3% 1 / 27
  • 1985-1990
    0% 0 / 27
  • 1991
    0% 0 / 27
  • 1992-2003
    44% 12 / 27
  • 2004-2011
    40% 11 / 27
  • 2012-2014
    3% 1 / 27
  • 2015-present
    7% 2 / 27

Throughout his sports career, San Diego Padres has had many different logos and four color schemes. A combination of brown and golden is considered his signature palette. Most variants of graphic symbolism had cardinal differences until a neutral logo appeared that succinctly reflected the concept. The very first logo of 1969 depicted a monk with a baseball bat, and by 2015 the team came to a minimalist version with the letters “SD,” symbolizing the name of the team. The original colors of the team were brown and gold.

1969 – 1984

San Diego Padres (1969-1984)

The first logo depicted a monk in a brown robe who is brandishing a white baseball bat. The image was placed inside the yellow circle. The full name of the team was under the image and was made in brown.


San Diego Padres (1985)

The next logo lasted one year, where the Padres switched to using the full name. The word Padres was placed diagonally in huge letters in the middle with a dark brown color, with the addition of a red outline. In thin black fonts, the phrase “San Diego. Baseball Club. ”

1986 – 1989

San Diego Padres (1986-1989)

The phrase “San Diego Baseball Club” was removed from the logo, leaving only the dark brown word “Padres” in the middle of the logo.


San Diego Padres (1990)

The fourth logo was based on the image of a gray ring with an orange outline, on which was written “San Diego Baseball club.” In the foreground is the word “Padres,” in the same font and color as in the previous logo.


San Diego Padres (1991)

Changes in the color palette of the logo occurred in 1991. The ring became silver with the addition of a blue outline, and the inscription on it was dark blue. The title color also changed from dark brown to dark blue.

1992 – 2003

San Diego Padres (1992-2003)

The next 11 years, the San Diego Padres used a catchy logo with changing colors. The ring that was present on the previous logo turned white, as did its core, inside which thin dark blue stripes appeared. The full name of the team, as well as the word Padres, remained dark blue.

2004 – 2010

San Diego Padres (2004-2010)

In 2004, the club completely changed the concept of the logo in connection with the change of the stadium. It is based on a pentagon with a yellow outline, inside of which there is an image of a dark blue sky and blue-blue waves. In the upper right corner, there is a small inscription with the name of the city in sand color. The word “Padres” was placed in the middle in huge white letters, which also added a thin sand outline.


San Diego Padres (2011)

There were no changes except the deletion of the word “San-Diego” from the logo in 2011.

2012 – 2014

San Diego Padres (2012-2014)

The concept of the logo is changing again. During the 2012 season, the Padres introduced a new logo based on a dark blue circle with two white contours. On the outside, the words “San Diego Padres Baseball Club” are written in white block letters, and in the center, there are interlaced letters S and D corresponding to the name of the city of San Diego.

2015 – 2019

San Diego Padres (2015-2019)

By the 2016 season, the franchise has received a new logo. It is extremely simple – both in terms of elements and color. Rondelle’s shape, inscription, and other details removed. The current version represents two key characters – “S” and “D,” located vertically on a white background. They denote the first letters of the team name and are artistically inscribed with each other-color – navy with a full fill. The monogram has no other shades and edging. The ends of the “S” and the sidewall “D” have light protruding serifs.

2019 – present

San Diego Padres (2020-Present)

The updated logo did not receive significant changes. The color of the letters was replaced with black and the serifs at the ends were slightly reduced.

San Diego Padres Logo Evolution