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San Francisco Giants Logo

San Francisco Giants logo

San Francisco Giants is a professional baseball club from the USA, which has been a part of MLB since 2000 and is a structural unit of the NL Western Division. The team was formed in 1883 and is based in San Francisco, California.

The franchise appeared in New York and was first called New York Gothams. Its owner was John Day. Three years later, she received a new name – New York Giants. After ten years, she changed her owner: C. C. Van Cott, who managed the team until 1895, became the new owner. Then it belonged to Andrew Freedman (1895-1902), John Brush (1902-1912), Harry Hempstead (1912-1919).

San Francisco giants emblem

After 1919, the era of the Stoneham family began: until 1936, Charles Stoneham controlled the club, and until 1976 Horace Stoneham. It was under their leadership that a landmark move to San Francisco took place. This event dates from the 1958th year and is associated with the search for a more promising stadium.

Upon learning of the Giants issue, San Francisco Mayor George Christopher approached her with a bargain. As a result, despite the objections of some shareholders, the majority owner Horace Stoneham began negotiations with the city administration. In the summer of 1957, his franchise was moved to California.

After this milestone, the owners of the club were Bob Lurie (1976-1993), Peter Magowan (1993-2008), Bill Neukom (2008-2011). Since 2012, it has been managed by the city organization San Francisco Baseball Associates LLC.

San Francisco giants symbol

Throughout a career, the franchise has changed several names. The first name was received at the base – New York Gothams. A middle name was given to her a few years after the official registration – New York Giants. The third name was the result of a change of location – San Francisco Giants. Moreover, the name “Giants” appeared spontaneously after a convincing victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. Then Jim Mutrie, manager of New York Gothams, ran into the locker room and enthusiastically exclaimed, “My giants!”. Since then, the nickname “giants” has turned into a name.

San Francisco giants logo history

The best logo in the history of the San Francisco giants?
  • 1900-1907
    0% 0 / 40
  • 1908-1946
    0% 0 / 40
  • 1947-1957
    15% 6 / 40
  • 1958-1967
    2% 1 / 40
  • 1968-1982
    0% 0 / 40
  • 1983-1999
    27% 11 / 40
  • 2000-present
    50% 20 / 40

In the history of the team, there are 23 logos: 18 of them relate to the New York period, 5 to the San Francisco one. All the latest versions depict a baseball with the inscription “Giants” in different versions. Previously, the color palette was more saturated: it included cream, orange, red, blue, brown, and black. After relocating the club, she shifted to monochrome.

1883 – 1885

At that time, when the team was also called “New York Gothams,” instead of a logo, an embroidered image was on the club’s uniform.

1900 – 1907

New York Giants (1900-1907)

The team is renamed the New York Giants. The first logo of 1900 depicted two large letters “NY” in dark blue, symbolizing the city of New York.


New York Giants (1908)

The logo has a large classic Old English letter N in dark blue, indicating the location of the team – the city of New York.


New York Giants (1909)

The color of the letter N changed from dark blue to black-brown. The font remains the same.


New York Giants (1910)

The classic Old English letter N is now red.

1911 – 1912

New York Giants (1911-1912)

The color of the letter changes again, and this time from red to black.

1913 – 1914

New York Giants (1913-1914)

In 1913, the classic Old English letter N, denoting the city of New York, becomes black with the addition of subtle purple outlines.


New York Giants (1915)

The font of the letter N changes slightly, as this time, the lines become thinner.


New York Giants (1916)

And again, the color of the letter takes on shades of violet.


New York Giants (1917)

The classic dark blue letter N still symbolizes the city of New York.

1918 – 1922

New York Giants (1918-1922)

For another four years, the New York Giants logo remains the letter N made in the Old English style but now in dark blue color.


New York Giants (1923)

The color of the letter changes again to red. Also, a thin black outline is added.

1924 – 1927

New York Giants (1924-1927)

The thin outline is completely removed from the logo, only the Old English letter N in red remains.

1928 – 1929

New York Giants (1928-1929)

For the next two years, a dark blue letter N with a thin red outline is used as the logo.

1930 – 1932

New York Giants (1930-1932)

And again, the red color returns to everyday life with the addition of a thin black outline at the letter N.

1933 – 1935

New York Giants (1933-1935)

The classic letter N continues to be present on the Giants club logo. This time it is again black with the addition of a red border.

1936 – 1939

New York Giants (1936-1939)

The letter N is made in Old English and in blue. The letter itself means the city of New York.

1940 – 1946

New York Giants (1940-1946)

Adornment, in the form of a thin red edging along the edges of the letter, was added to the blue letter.

1947 – 1957

New York Giants (1947-1957)

The club’s last logo before moving to San Francisco was the image of a classic white ball with orange stitches and gray shades. Over the ball diagonally, the inscription “Giants” was made in black.

1958 – 1967

San Francisco Giants (1958-1967)

In 1958, the club moved to San Francisco and renamed the San Francisco Giants. The previous logo was taken as the basis of the new logo, but this time the baseball ball was completely white, and the word “Giants” was placed a little higher.

1968 – 1972

San Francisco Giants (1968-1972)

After nine years, the logo again changes slightly. The white ball is poured in light orange.

1973 – 1982

San Francisco Giants (1973-1982)

The logo changes colors again. The orange color on the baseball becomes saturated and bright, and the orange seams are replaced by black.

1983 – 1993

San Francisco Giants (1983-1993)

Giants make small changes to their logo, but the concept remains the same. The ball was turned so that the seam lines were directed in the center of the image, and also, the ball itself was again made white. The word “Giants” was placed in the middle but in a different font. The color of the letters in black, with the addition of an orange outline.

1994 – 1999

San Francisco Giants (1994-1999)

The baseball on this logo is smaller than on the previous one, as well as the word “Giants,” which changed the font a little.

2000 – present

San Francisco Giants (2000-Present)

The current graphic symbol of the San Francisco Giants repeats the previous version. But, unlike him, it became textural due to the beige shade. It creates a three-dimensional effect, which makes the logo not look flat. The ball is painted in white and cream with two orange lines at the top and bottom. The seams at the ball are now red. The name of the team is brown with orange trim. The letters are made in curly font with angular notches.

San Francisco Giants Logo Evolution