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Seattle Mariners Logo

Seattle Mariners logo

Seattle Mariners is a professional-level baseball team serving on the MLB. The team represented the AL Western Division and located in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1977.

This American club was the result of a lawsuit between AL and city officials represented by Senator Slade Gorton. The reason for the lawsuit is a breach of contract by the league, which illegally took the representative of Seattle MLB. Confident that the city will have its team, the district built the Kingdome multipurpose stadium. It was on it that the Seattle Mariners debuted.

After the formal expansion process, a new franchise appeared in Seattle. Its owner was a group of individuals (Stanley Golub, Walter Schoenfeld, Lester Smith, James Stillwell Jr., and James Walsh) led by Danny Kaye. They ran the club for three years, after which he moved to George Argyros for nine years. Then the owner of the team was Jeff Smulyan – from 1989 to 1992.

Seattle Mariners emblem

In the first half of the 90s, Seattle Mariners again became the object of bidding. Then-Senator Slade Gorton turned to Nintendo of America with a request to find a Japanese investor who would financially support the American club. A counter-proposal came from Yamauchi, and Smulyan accepted it. However, the agreement was not approved by Fay Vincent, the head of the property committee.

After pressure from Seattle residents, management, and the public, the official nevertheless made concessions on the deal. But provided that the Japanese businessman receives less than 50% of the shares, and Baseball Club of Seattle, LP remains the key manager. It is he who currently owns the franchise.

Seattle Mariners symbol

The name of the team appeared a year before its founding. The initiators were officials who, in August 1976, announced a competition. As a result, of the 600 options that were offered by 15,000 participants, Mariners was chosen. This name came from a few people, but Roger Szmodis of Bellevue provided the best justification. He is the winner.

The symbolism of the club from the very beginning is connected with the marine theme. On the debut versions, there was a trident, on modern versions – a compass. The original logos were associated with water, not baseball, so they changed several times.

Seattle Mariners logo history

The best logo in the history of the Seattle Mariners?
  • 1977-1980
    0% 0 / 39
  • 1981-1986
    2% 1 / 39
  • 1987-1992
    12% 5 / 39
  • 1993-present
    84% 33 / 39

This is a relatively young team because it appeared in 1977 and, in its history, has changed only four logos. In 1992, the team completely changed the logo design and concept, as well as the main colors that were previously yellow and blue. Now a simple concept and a new version of the logo have become more understandable to fans.

1977 – 1980

Seattle Mariners (1977-1980)

The first original Mariners logo consisted of a large yellow circle with a subtle dark blue outline, on which was the name “Seattle Mariners,” and a little lower – “Baseball club.” In the word “Mariners,” the letter “M” is replaced by a marine blue trident.

1981 – 1986

Seattle Mariners (1981-1986)

The Seattle Mariners have slightly changed their logo. Now in the background is a five-pointed star, white with a dark blue outline, and in the foreground is the voluminous blue letter “M” in the shape of a trident with a thin yellow outline.

1987 – 1992

Seattle Mariners (1987-1992)

The new logo of the team used the abbreviation for the word “Mariners” – “M’s.” The letters were made in blue and placed in the very center of a large white baseball with blue stitches.

1993 – present

Seattle Mariners (1993-Present)

The current option was the result of the joint development of many people. They succeeded in closely linking key concepts. Compass arrows point to a baseball point geometrically accurately in all directions of the world. This is a direct reference to the all-round perspective of the team, and the marine theme, and the sport.

In the center is a ball with red veins, on it is a silver-azure compass. They are outlined by a green line followed by a wide blue stripe with the words “SEATTLE” (above) and “MARINERS” (below). They are separated by two arrows extending beyond the central element. Next are three contours of the same width – azure, white and gray.

Seattle Mariners Logo Evolution