Sevilla logo

Sevilla logo

Sevilla logo history

The Trinity is the main element of the Seville city emblem. In the center of the image, we can see Ferdinand III, The King of Castile sitting on the throne with a sword in his hand. In 1248, he liberated the city from the Moors. Archbishops Isidore and Leander of Seville are standing on the sides. They are the largest Spanish church figures of the 6th-7th centuries, who are also present on the Sevilla logo.

Sevilla symbol

The ball is a kind of “rivet”, which holds together all parts of the logo composition, and also recalls that the Sevilla emblem belongs to a football club.

Vertical red and white stripes have the colors of the Flag of Castile, under which the Christian army of Ferdinand III besieged the Muslim Seville.

The current Sevilla logo is created in the form of a triangular (heart shape) heraldic shield divided into three sectors by golden fields. This variant was developed back in 1922, and since then it has not been changed noticeably.

Sevilla emblem

The intertwined abbreviation SFC (Sevilla Fútbol Club) was the main element from the old emblem that existed from 1905 to 1922. It lost the size but retained the former look, and was placed in the upper right corner of the new logo.

Sevilla logo colors

Hex: #cb282b
RGB: (203, 40, 43)
CMYK: (8, 100, 100, 0)
Hex: #a47433
RGB: (164, 116, 51)
CMYK: (25, 56, 100, 7)
Hex: #000000
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (58, 46, 41, 95)
Hex: #5a3d22
RGB: (90, 61, 34)
CMYK: (36, 68, 94, 42)