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Texas Rangers Logo

Texas Rangers logo

Texas Rangers is a professional baseball club that has been with MLB since 2000. The team is a member of AL, where it represents the Western Division and is based in Arlington, Texas. It was founded in 1961.

The real franchise house is the city of Washington. At that time, the club was called Washington Senators and was owned by Elwood Richard Quesada. In 1963, he sold it to Johnson and Lemon James. They disposed of the team until 1968. In 1969, the club became the property of Bob Short. It was he who opened a new era for the team, planning a move to Arlington.

Texas Rangers emblem

On September 21, 1971, almost all AL members voted in favor of the move. At first, it was planned to leave the franchise in a new place only for the 1972 season, but life ordered it differently. In 1980, it was bought from Brad Corbett by oil tycoon Eddie Chiles and nine years later sold to an investment group led by George Bush and Richard Rainwater. The deal cost $ 89 million. From 1998 to 2010, the owner of the club was Tom Hicks, and then the Rangers Baseball Express, which still owns the team.

Texas Rangers symbol

The team’s debut name was in no way associated with the rangers. Texas Rangers named her Robert Short in the 1971st year. The new name is given in honor of the famous Texas agency, created in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin.

Franchise branding went through several stages before becoming actual. The earliest version dates from the 1961st year. Even then, it was made in the basic colors – red, blue, and white. The remaining elements either disappeared or were recycled over time.

Texas Rangers logo history

The best logo in the history of the Texas Rangers?
  • 1961-1971
    2% 1 / 37
  • 1972-1980
    8% 3 / 37
  • 1981
    0% 0 / 37
  • 1982-1983
    2% 1 / 37
  • 1984-1993
    21% 8 / 37
  • 1994-2002
    18% 7 / 37
  • 2003-present
    45% 17 / 37

The history of the Texas Rangers team began another 58 years, and then it was also called the Washington Senators. The first and last logos of the team were based on a circular shape, but the intermediate logos were based on a drawing or outline of the state of Texas. In total, the club has changed seven logos in its history.

1961 – 1971

Washington Senators (1961-1971)

The first logo in the history of the expansion of the Washington franchise, which lasted ten years until the team went to Texas in 1972, consists of a white circle, inside of which was the White House and a baseball player throwing the ball. The outline for the White House was made in blue ink and the outline for the player in red. Above the building was the inscription “The Senators.”

1972 – 1980

Texas Rangers (1972-1980)

With the move to Texas, the club changes its name to Texas Rangers, and, accordingly, changes the concept of the logo. The new logo depicts a white ball with a cowboy hat on it. Above the picture is the name of the team in red. The outline of the drawing itself was completely blue.


Texas Rangers (1981)

A slightly modified version of the previous logo appeared in 1981. Artists have improved the graphics at the very drawing, which still depicts a baseball and a cowboy hat, symbolizing the cowboy state of Texas. The inscription “Texas Rangers” remained in the same place, slightly changing its font.

1982 – 1983

Texas Rangers (1982-1983)

The form of Texas was not accidentally taken as the basis for the new Rangers logo. Against the background of the blue state, two huge red “TRs” is located, and inside one of them is a small white star. A white ball is also symbolically present on the logo.

1984 – 1993

Texas Rangers (1984-1993)

The 1984 logo is somewhat reminiscent of the previous logo because it also shows a blue drawing of the state of Texas, but now with the addition of a red and white outline around the edges. The letters “TR” were replaced by the word “Rangers,” made in italics in the center of the picture. Like the previous logo, a ball is also present on the emblem of these years.

1994 – 2002

Texas Rangers (1994-2002)

The new logo made its diamond-shaped base with additional vertical thin stripes. The focus is on the silver five-pointed star, around which is a dark red ring. The phrases “Texas rangers” and “Baseball club,” which are placed on the red ring, share two small baseballs.

2003 – present

Texas Rangers (2003-Present)

The shape of the circle with the central letter “T” finally entrenched in the 2002nd. Based on it, the Skilo Brands design agency created a modern version, after preliminary coordinating it with Major League Baseball and Rangers.

The emblem of 2003 has a white baseball with two blue lines. On it is a large “T” of red color with a blue shadow and central notches, which have become the highlight of the logo. They are also depicted on all other letters of the name “TEXAS RANGERS,” located above and below the circle in blue and red fields. Two lines and white stars separate words. Due to the original shadows, the central element looks three-dimensional, with the 3D effect. The external border of the logo is blue.

Texas Rangers Logo Evolution